>So this is me

4 Mar

>I’m in my late twenties and had my beautiful baby boy late last year. My pregnancy was uneventful and labour and birth slightly traumatic (in my own estimation) as it was a natural vaginal delivery. Ever since my life has taken on a change I could have never imagined or ever anticipated. I remember nights where I would want to be husbandless AND childless but a few months later, I’m starting to feel my self again. Getting my hair done on a regular basis, painting my nails and wearing a pair of heels…..

I am a chiropractor so my working hours are flexible and to be honest, I look forward to going into work for the 2-3 hours a day for my daily dose of sanity. I swear it makes me appreciate being with my son all the more. Sadly though, with the current economic situation being what it is, I might have to get a regular 8-5 J-O-B just to pay the bills. My heart breaks when I think about it because the real motivation of being in practice was to be a part-time worker and a mom who had something else to do in the day. My mom worked half day and I tell you that there is nothing more comforting as a child than knowing you’re going to see your mom at the end of your day. I’ve always wanted to give my children that… its priceless. I’m praying that God opens a door for me somehow to stay working on a part-time basis, even as a lecturer or something. I’ve sent out an advert looking for another chiropractor to join me to share expenses and even circulated my cv for different careers. I let out a sigh and realise that only time will tell….

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