>Have I created a monster???

6 Mar

>Oh my word, my son is killing me but I think its my fault because what started out as an easy way to help him off to the land of nod has now become a crutch!!! Falling asleep on the boob… My son has never been a good sleeper since the day he was born. I remember that I never had to wake him EVER to feed, he was either awake or going to wake on his own and slept longer either by sleeping in our arms or sleeping next to me. When breast feeding was established, I would nurse while he lay alongside me and I’m not quite sure when it was that he started using me as a pacifier. Now it seems like he won’t stay asleep or link sleep cycles unless he nurses or is held. I might just be over-reacting from the bad night we had last night, his second night in his room. And boy do I hate to hear how my girlfriends babies are sleeping 6-9 hours at a time and they’re around my son’s age!!! I do however take comfort when I hear that some babies sleep through later on, my turn will one day come. The ongoing internal debate is, do I introduce a bottle of formula (as prescribed by some friends) to fill his tank or do I keep breast feeding exclusively (by the recommendation of other friends who are doing the same) as sleeping through is rather a developmental milestone regardless of their diet…. I remain hopeful nonetheless


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