>It does take a village…. of women

7 Mar


It does take a village of women to shape a mother! Thinking back to when I decided that I want to have children and the way I wanted to give birth to my son (as natural as possible with little medical intervention if any), lead me down a path into relationships I genuinely cherish. This was the plan: have water birth at an active birth unit as naturally as possible with the aid of a midwife, doula and my husband present.
I’ve got to mention that my mother has been such a great deal of help and a wonderful source of support when it comes to raising my son, thank God she lives in the same city.
Let’s start with my gynecologist. She’s born German, practicing in South Africa, tells it to you just like it is and is hilarious. I even treated her, a member of her staff and she referred a patient to me. In my inquiry about her practice, she alluded that there tends to be more Cesarean births than those that occur naturally and getting an “emergency Cesarean” was definitely not part of the plan.
Who was part of the plan was a midwife, meet the lovely Ruwaida Moola. I got her details from the Genesis Clinic as she is one of the private midwives who also delivers at the hospital where my gynecologist practices. The reason for wanting my three man team was because I knew that my chances of giving birth naturally would be much higher if I was surrounded by people who had the same beliefs as me. I must be honest here, I am somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to the “scientific and safety reasons” women are given for not giving birth naturally, I believe that that’s how nature intended it to be but I do however understand that there are cases that warrant surgery. Back to Ruwaida, who is the most gentle and joyful soul you will ever meet.
Next up, my doula, Hailey Fudu, a free spirit that I have had the pleasure of meeting. She was there to “coach” us through my labor and what a huge support she is! Not only did she see me before I gave birth but afterwards as well (when I was home and definitely not expecting her to pop in) and she helps with lactation which is an enormous advantage that I think many take for granted.
Meet Brenda Pierce, a highly recommended lactation consultant who works miracles and a woman who’s values point back to how things were in times gone and as mother nature intended. My son only started breast feeding a week after he was born which meant regular pumping sessions, letting someone else feed my son with a bottle and feeling like a failure because surely this was supposed to be the most natural thing in the world. Attending her breast feeding support group with other struggling mothers was like a breathe of fresh air and having her an sms away has helped tremendously.
The clinic sister around the corner is such a darling, also an sms away when I’ve got a nagging medical concern and just can’t make the trip to see her.
Last but not least, my wonderful girlfriends on blackberry messaging that I can converse with in the middle of the night when I’m doing a feed or any time of the day when I just need to vent again.
All in all, I know that I’ve been blessed to meet each of these women and I’m really grateful for their input. Every mother should have a support group a click away because Lord knows, we all need all the help we can get to do the hardest job on the earth. Love to you all

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