>A girl’s friend

9 Mar


Just like the kaleidoscope of colours in a rainbow, there are many shades of friends a girl has to fit into each chapter of her life no matter what shape her life takes.
I’m privileged to have a group of friends that are roughly at similar stages in our lives. There are the girls who I went to high school with that I bbm regularly and try to see as often as our diaries and busy lives will allow. Love spending time with them and wouldn’t give up our dates for anything in the world much to our partners dismay, yes even when they get sick and are in desperate need of TLC, partners that is, not kids!!! We make sure that we do include our families almost all the time like at family lunches and birthday parties.
Then I have two very dear friends in another city. I’m in constant contact with one everyday and there’s another that I hardly speak to but when we do chat we pick up exactly where we last left off.
What I do find amazing is how friendships change with those friends who don’t have any children. Understanding as they are, I still sometimes feel guilty when I don’t get to spend time with them as freely as we used to, obviously my priorities have changed. Miss Thang makes me laugh when I think about this off-the-wall, don’t-put-me-in-a-box crazy person, a young black sister trying to follow her dreams. Miss Sweetheart-of-note and I used to spend our free time either sleeping before lectures or catching a tan at the pool.
Stay tuned for installment number two… my support group

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