>Meet my diamonds, my support group.

9 Mar


A girl’s got to have people that she can go to when the chips are down, when her husband has worked on her last nerve, when she doesn’t quite know what to make of her son’s antics and when she just needs a good old laugh and someone she can count on to share her bottle (yes bottle) of good white wine….
Meet the gals…. Love them all to bits.
Before moving to what I called the big city, Durban (don’t laugh), I was born and raised in a one-horse town called Eshowe. It had 2 main roads, a total of 5 robots and everyone knows everyone, literally. By the age of 15, my family and I relocated and I met these wonderful characters at the high school I attended and this is how our story began.
On my first day at a new school, not knowing a soul and probably looking like a lost fart in a wind storm, I walk into Mrs B’s (cannot for the life of me remember her name, it has been ten years) classroom and this girl in the back calls me to come sit next to her in the empty seat. We were in the same register and science class and let’s just say that the walls of that science lab can tell a story or two. Let’s call her Miss Bubbly (not that she has a problem with alcohol let me just add). She’s sophisticated and out-going, life of the party and definitely someone to enjoy a good bottle of white, red or champagne with. By the way, she is a hostess of note and as the story goes, she introduced me to the girls she sat with during breaks and one of them is Mrs life-in-the-fab-lane.
Mrs life-in-the-fab-lane is a sweetheart and we all want her life, well I will speak for myself here. She’s married to Kerwin and a mom of two, Cooper and Noah. She’s a full-time mom and a fabulous one at that.
Next up we have Mrs mover-and-shaker holding the gorgeous Qai. She’s married to Emlyn, has just changed jobs and is loving her life. We did maths and science together and boy does this girl have brains and street smarts to match, this one is a self-proclaimed sale queen and a real farmer, I would know because I was one.
Mrs mother-of-two-with-a-full-time-job was deputy head girl and also in my maths class along with two friends that have slipped under the radar, but we won’t go there. Blessed with two beautiful kids, Liam and Hannah, this fellow blogger can’t get her work done because blogging is almost as addictive as blackberry messaging. A fun loving girl who says the most hilarious things.
Then there’s Mrs meek-and-mild, I knew her through Miss Bubbly because they lived in the same suburb. Married to Daniel with three gorgeous kids. We all wish we were her because her kids are big enough to run around unsupervised, feed and bathe themselves and sleep through the night!!! Well done for getting that out of the way. Now she’s enjoying the luncheons minus the hassle while some of us are standing huddled together, rocking back and forth, like we are comforting children whether they in our arms or not!
We are moved to the same city at different times in our lives and have been fortunate enough to get together as often as our mad lives allow. We are a loud bunch who love being there for each other.
It is said that diamonds are a girls best friend but in my opinion, sanity requires that you develop relationships outside of your family unit that in the end become an extension of your family, one that you dare not do without.

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