>Can you say aaaah

22 Mar


Teething! An enigma of note. What is an enigma you ask? It is defined as: a mystery; something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained; one of nature’s secrets; a riddle; a difficult problem.
EXACTLY!!! Who knows what goes on when babies teethe?!
When Samuel was two months old, my mother-in-law was convinced that he was teething when he gummed her as she held him over her shoulder. A month later, he started drooling and drooling and drooling non-stop which lead to my mother jumping on the band wagon. At four and a half months old, we go through about three to four bibs a day and the new tid-bit is his bottom lip or his toes, which ever he can get to first. Now my husband is badgering me to break out the teething toys and I’m still not convinced because while feeding, he’s never bitten me!!! Or maybe he knows better than to mess with his mother….
Last night I decided to finally break out the teejel and his face contorted as if I had fed him poison and it was hilarious until I saw the amount of alcohol in that little tube!!! I was mortified, my poor child but the upside might be more sleep for both of us…. very tempting….
To top it all off though, even the experts can’t agree on whether teething actually causes symptoms like fussiness, diarrhea and a fever. Dr Google reckons the following symptoms are most likely to trouble a teether: drooling (check); gum swelling and sensitivity (ummm, could be); fussiness or irritability (he has seemed a little aggressive lately); biting behavior (on everything else except me so check); refusing food (definitely NOT, have you seen the size of my little lump lately) and sleep problems (whatever could that be??? He was born with sleeping problems!!!)
And Dr Google’s solutions: make sure any fever, runny nose or diarrhea is not related to a serious condition, otherwise the usual: something to chew on, preferably cold and hardish OR giving your child a “small” dose of topical pain relief gel but if you use too much it can numb the back of your baby’s throat and weaken his gag reflex (which helps prevent him from chocking on his copious amounts of saliva), yikes.
To add to the drama, I believe that this can go on for what seems like forever with no teeth in sight or those pearly whites can pop out without much of a fuss, I mean really!!! While one friends nine month old is already on tooth number four, another friends year old is still gumming it up!!! You got to feel sorry for the little ones though at some point, who wants to be in that kind of agony for any period of time??? And who on earth wants to endure a baby in that much agony anyway, certainly not me!!! I know that some mums are losing their minds over lost sleep because their babies were sleeping like the dead until they started teething. Forgive me here but in a strange sort of way, I think I’ll survive just fine knowing that Samuel can’t wake me anymore at night than what he’s already doing. Being woken up four times a night is a good night for me so bring it on baby, but please Lord, just make it quick.


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