>Merry little milestones

24 Mar


While I dread the monthly trip to our local municipal clinic for Samuel’s jabs/vaccinations (thank God the next set is five months away, it gives my heart and tear ducts a break), I hate the trip to the pharmacy’s clinic sister (for monthly weigh-ins) even more and it’s because I can tell you VERBATIM what the conversation is going to be like. How’s Samuel? He’s fine. Okay lets weigh him. He’s weighing too much for his age hey. How often do you feed him? Every two to three hours depending. Well thats feeding too often. Does he wake up at night? Cringe! Yes. How often? A few times but I don’t look at my watch ANYMORE. Its a few times too many then and he’s waking up too much at night for his age but at least he’s reaching the other milestones on schedule!!! To which I think, whose schedule?! Yours or the one on the formula tin that says I must feed my child 150-180 mils every three to four hours and ONCE at night – he’s an exclusively breastfed baby for Pete’s sake or did your forget that tiny but VERY significant piece of information???
I am however, proud to announce that my little munchkin can now: lift his head when he’s on his tummy, hold his head steady when upright, reach for objects (anything will do these days), squeal in delight and laugh out loud (very much depending on the company), roll over one way (not too often though, obviously needs more tummy time there) and is developing his repertoire of sounds (just too cute for words, excuse the pun). Oh and lets not leave out the teething issue.
I mention all of this to say that the next “big” milestone he’s headed towards is starting solids and talk about the pressure mothers get to start their babies on solids to get them to sleep through the night with all the fancy products to boot!!! Sleep ranges (both in the food and toiletry departments) are making a fortune of money off of us with not a money-back guarantee in sight. It’s such a fallacy in any case because sleeping through is “apparently” a developmental milestone and not based on their level of satiety (that’s the state of being satisfied). Back to the solids story. This milestone has other milestones that must be reached first before it can be tackled and as with everything relating to babies, when and why to start is an individual choice. It “used” to be that you wait until the six month mark but now it seems that by four months old that some babies are “ready”. The ones I’m looking for are: loss of the tongue thrust reflex (so the food can actually get into his mouth), holding his head upright on his own (check) and sitting unsupported (so that the food can actually reach his stomach and so that his stomach isn’t squished between his lungs and abdominal organs). Others mentioned are: frequent night wakings (I don’t buy into this one because kids could be teething simultaneously and wake up from the discomfort) and taking an interest in whats on your plate (hell, they will take aninterest in ANYTHING they can get their little hands on, hello!).
One of the days within this week, I spent a few hours in a baby store (until I was politely asked to make my way to the door as the store had already closed) slowly inspecting each isle relating to baby foods and feeding, from the high chairs (and the choices weren’t too vast but you could find something to suit the pocket) to bibs, spoons, first foods and the likes. I’m looking to buy a high chair with longevity and a few decent features. Firstly because I want to plonk him somewhere near the kitchen so my hands are free to sort dinner out and secondly because it’ll be a place that he can happily mess and involves very little cleaning. Let me just mention here that his oh-so-cute-bumbo is a bit too snug of a seat and it’s not going to last much longer at the rate this chap is going, I meant growing. Then there’s my personal favorite item, the food processor which I have been diligently saving up for because it steams on one side and with the flip of the “bowl”, it purees your little one’s meals in seconds. You got to love technology!
Being a first time mom, I am very aware of the fact that I could be deluding myself about what kind of task lay ahead. I’ve bought my little “Feeding Sense” booklet complete with recipes and daily schedules for how to proceed, what foods to start with and which ones to avoid. My lactation consultant even runs a solids workshop that I’m planning to attend soon! All in all, I’m quite stoked about the new adventure ahead, definitely more than Samuel is and it just might have more to do with the little goodies and gadgets involved (and shopping for them of course).

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