>You CANNOT put a price on sanity

25 Mar


That’s my motto right there and I’m sticking to it!
My eyes are burning as I sit here and type out today’s blog. I’m quite certain that there will be many more days (and nights) like this one in particular to come, I honestly hope that they are few and far between but i won’t hold my breath!
So with the whole teething issue arising, my little angel has been mouthing any body part of mine that he can get his little mouth on whenever he wakes at night, which by the way is something like every two to three hours EVERY night!!! A good few nights ago, while staring into the darkness and after counting to one hundred MILLION, I decided to update my facebook status and ask mums out there what their strategies are to deal with little ones waking up to play in the wee hours of the night (more like morning). The responses ranged from offering more feeds to playing dead and administering medications that might buy a little more sleep…. very tempting suggestion!
Some are of the opinion that we should leave our babies to learn to self-soothe or be able to play independently while others say that babies are too young to know any better, so cater to their whims. Come to think of it, the amount of time and energy spent on caring for one whole baby (from pregnancy and beyond) is staggering and exhausting to say the least, so why then would we judge each other for simply finding ways to cope with the hand we’ve been dealt?
Take me for example. My son is five months old and his cot is in our bedroom. We bath him, feed him and put him to bed for his first three hour stretch (if we lucky) in his cot so that we have some couple time (more like catching up on my BB or blogging). When he wakes, I usually get up to rock him back to sleep with a feed here and there. Most (EVERY implied) nights by his third call, I kick Lester over, shove Sam into the mix and we all go to sleep. When Sam rouses, boob comes out (Lester calls it “milk on tap” which I happen to find hilarious) and we drift off into dreamland again. Another gawker is the fact that I’m still breast feeding exclusively. I’m often asked if I worry about making sure my son gets enough, I mean hell, have you seen the size of him?
I struggle to see why people call that “bad” because then bad is what works for me. I guess in a society where we have to get up early and work the entire day, sleep becomes more precious than food itself. Yes it is tough to breast feed constantly and get up four times in a night but to me, it beats making a bottle (and sterilizing it) or walking down a passage only to come back to bed then be off in the dark again a few minutes later. Does this mean that I’m spoiling my child? Only time will tell… As a toddler, I shared a room with my parents until I was three years old and went to their bed OFTEN. That brought such a deep sense of comfort and security when I was sick or afraid. We all have different thresholds, values and coping mechanisms, each to his own.
So….. I’m going to keep doing what I’ve done and if it doesn’t work, I’m going to tell the whole wide world and then do it differently for baby number two! Think about it though, is there some slight chance that the health care professionals that we turn to (for invaluable advice) create unrealistic expectations of what babies are really physiologically capable of doing??? Sure some of them are considered “advanced” for their age but those kids should be the exception not the rule so that the rest of us don’t feel like hopeless or useless parents (which ever comes first). Whatever your situation, pat yourself on the back for doing well at one of the hardest jobs on the face of the earth and make a mental note not to tell me if your baby sleeps like the dead or just lie to me please, okay!

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