My name is Sam!

27 May

Its been in the last three or four weeks that overnight my little baby has turned into a little person. When it happened, I don’t know. Before he turned six months old, I could read Samuel like a book, I knew the ins and outs of his biological clock and best of all I could plonk him down and return a few minutes later to find him exactly where I had left him. I’m convinced that he thinks he’s a big boy now that he’s sprouted one whole baby tooth!!
Needless to say my little angel now cries big crocodile tears if you take away the toy he’s playing with or don’t pay him enough attention. Let’s not even mention the midnight or early morning antics with waterworks nogal when I’ve woken his father to entertain him because I want some shut eye, the whole house comes down as soon he realises that he’s been taken from me. At first I thought it was hilarious, then cute, now I thinks its down right naughty that he thinks dads are okay only for the day. This makes my heart sink even more because now my husbands can’t help that much at night and its not even his fault!!!!!
Little Mr Personality does have its upsides. He’s now full of smiles and laughs by the dozen. He’s clapping his cute little fists and even goes as far as imitating my laughs, whether its my Mr Evil laugh or squeals of delight from the sheer joy I have of being around him. As for reading him like a book, that book is now in the bonfire trying to keep us from freezing our joburg behinds off!!! All I can tell is that he’s awake! And I dare not leave him alone for all of two seconds with his acrobatics now that he’s leaning to roll, sit and crawl (bum first). He loves company and doesn’t want to miss out on a thing even when he’s feeding – don’t think he’s realised that boobs aren’t as mobile as bottles.
In the end, I wouldn’t change a thing about the most beautiful creature I’ve ever laid my eyes on although I do suspect I might very well have a class clown on my hands.


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