Meet me in my dreams

6 Jun

While in church on Sunday morning, I pondered on how my relationship with God has developed and changed somewhat now that I’ve added mother to my resume. Before my world changed, I had plenty of time to pray, read the Word, engage in prayer meetings and attend cell group. Now I can barely find my bible, covered on layers of dust might I add, let alone the time read the Word or have a sane moment to talk with God.

A while ago I read a book on dreams and I recall the story of a mother of four who was married to a pastor. One day she collapsed against a wall and her hearts’ cry was one of pure jealously because her husband had the opportunity to travel and be in the presence of God with many a congregation while all she did was take care of the home front with no peace in sight. It was then that the Lord spoke to her and promised to visit her in her dreams. For a few weeks on end, her dreams were invaded with messages from God that brought the kind of closeness to Him she so craved and longed for.

I personally found such comfort knowing that God is still ACTIVELY interested in pursuing a relationship with me even when I’m not awake. This doesn’t mean that I should slack off and tell God I’d catch him later but it did make me realise that while I am a mother now and busier, my spirit still needs to be taken care of despite the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Now when I go to bed (which has been early these days since I’ve started working again), I tell the Lord that my dreams are His and I look forward to meeting Him there. Happy to report that I’ve been dreaming and the smile I have on my face at this very moment is all because of Him. He’s just that good!!!!!


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