My Birth Story Part 1 of 3 – My Pregnancy

13 Jun

I have always wanted to share the great accomplishment of giving birth to Samuel because I’ve found a great boost in self-confidence knowing that I am blessed to have the kind of story I have always wanted to tell. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely leave out the gory details but the “funnies” and the “how hilarious is that” I’ll include.

I’ll start at the very beginning. Lester and I got married in December 2005 and when asked about having children, we always said 2010 just because it was somewhere in the distant future and it had a nice ring to it. So when Samuel was conceived in February of 2010, it was a surprise but it also wasn’t, our words had not fallen to the ground.  I had wanted to start trying for a family almost two years before it happened but the timing was never right until eventually the urge to have a child became so emotionally overwhelming that I was willing to throw caution to the wind. After much prayer and consultation with hubby, we decided that we would go off all forms of contraception and just see what happens.

After what seemed like an eternity (six months later) and being one whole day late, that was when the story really began. I remember going to buy two home pregnancy tests the day I missed my period because I was going to use them the next morning. Without alerting Lester, I did the tests and before he left for work I quietly announced that the tests were positive. His reaction was classic, utter silence and shock at first and then a shy smile. I wasn’t sure how he felt because he never brought up the subject for the next three days. It was only another week later that I had the courage to get a blood test done to confirm the pregnancy if the home tests were wrong and I had got my hopes up for nothing.

At first there were no symptoms to show that I was pregnant until the dreaded six-week mark and then nausea came with a vengeance, coupled with the hunger of a race horse. I was eating every two hours! Picture me stuck in traffic, cool calm and collected because I had my little red cooler bag open next to me filled with raw fruit and veggies. Lester was sweet enough to give me a portion of the monthly food budget to buy my snacks and boy did I love ginger ale, it was my saving grace against the nausea. I was blessed with a relatively uneventful pregnancy. My gynae visits were at 12 weeks to confirm my pregnancy; 20 weeks to see the sex of my baby and then at 36 weeks to make sure all was well for a natural delivery, that’s the way I had planned it.

My midwife visits were from 26 weeks because up until then, there was really nothing for my midwife to feel or tell me about. Ruwaida, my midwife, delivered at Parklane and Genesis; at first we opted for Parklane because it is such a great hospital and my gynae practices from there as well. We even paid our booking fee and had the 4 D scan but after taking the hospital tour, I felt very unsettled about that being the place of the delivery. Off to Genesis it was and I had only heard really good things about this place. Another non-refundable deposit was paid then and there and I wasn’t going to waste anymore time and money!!!

Next on the agenda was to find ourselves a doula that we were happy and comfortable with. It’s like hiring a friend to be with you in labor. While attending a 9 week-long ante-natal course, we were introduced to the concept of a birth partner. I hired a doula to be there with us when my labour began because without knowing what to expect, I wanted a calming presence to walk us through labouring at home before we got to the birth centre and because I wanted someone to show Lester how to be an active member in the process. Doula’s are not covered by medical aid but it was the best money I spent and that I was happy not to get back, Hailey was invaluable. She took us through the birth process briefly, gave me breathing exercises to learn and had a one-on-one session with Lester just to get a feel for where he was at. He, initially against hiring Hailey, agrees that she ended up being more of a help for him than me.

So with my little team and plan in place, it was pretty much a waiting game until my due date on the 1st of  November 2010…. Stay tuned for Part Two.


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