28 Jul
- Smile Tooth Fabric -

Image by Warm 'n Fuzzy via Flickr

I was reading an article on the net as its the only form of reading I get to do these days and its usually because I’m looking for a solution to whatever problem I happen to be facing with Samuel. This particular article was about infant dental hygiene and caring for those little pearly-whites otherwise known as space-makers for the permanent teeth to come.

Previously, I’ve blogged about the enigma of teething and what troubles our little ones endure but for the love of money, the poor mothers that have to endure teething babies deserve a day off IN THE WEEK to recover from the drama and added sleep deprivation that these kids bring!!!!

Samuel sprouted the bottom two teeth around the six month mark with relative ease so I thought that it would be relative smooth sailing in the teething department – well boy was I wrong! Copious amount of drool, blowing bubbles likes it no ones business, waking three to four times a night, boob-in-mouth-to-sleep, wet nappies AND pajamas  to change at 3 in the morning (from a gallon of breast milk – my fault there) all this over a period of a week or so has made me short of looney. To top it all off, this crabby little sleep-deprived creature refuses to let his father comfort him and all this to the point where I feel like yanking the living daylights out of  him in the dark!!!!

I have bought all the “recommended” teething rubs for his gums, powders for his poop, homeopathic drops and today I spent my hard earned money on reputable Chinese medicines to get him some relief and me some much needed sleep. After I bought the Chinese meds I felt kind of bad, I mean how desperate am I to expose my child to these things all in the name of sleep???? I can feel the nomination for worst mother of the year coming up. Oh and I bought some alfalfa tonic for myself – natural of course, its for vitality and lactation. I burst out laughing thinking that its perfect for night time parenting, I’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed with plenty of milk waiting for him except that I need to be wide awake in the day as well!!!!

Last night while Sam was getting a bath, my hubby was reminding me about a conversation we had earlier in the week and for the life of me I couldn’t make head or tail of what he was saying. After seeing the confused look on my face, he had the nerve to ask if I was pregnant again because my memory has been beyond shocking. Well according to the latest research on sleep-deprivation (which he knows nothing of) your memory is the first thing to suffer – hello! It’s having your sleep broken that’s detrimental to your health – mental health in my case. Even Steve Wonder can see the bags under my eyes.

Other than the sleep-less nights, my permanently burning eyeballs and bags under my eyes, it was my performance this morning that shocked me to my core.  After waking at 10pm, then from 2am UNTIL 3:16AM, by 6:25am when Lester brought him to me (because he had to leave for work) what followed can only be described as an out of body experience. I could feel my face contort as the whining began. I could hear this person complain in what sounded like the voice of a 5year old been woken for school on a cold winter morning, whining because they had to get up and they were sooooooooooooooooo tired.

Behind every teething baby is a desperate mamma…. Mortified by MY behavior, I realized very quickly that I had to pull myself towards myself and suck it up – these space makers won’t be around forever – THANK GOD!!!


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