9 Sep

There really are now words to adequately describe how utterly and eternally grateful I am to have my mom in my life and doubly blessed to have her live in the same  city, just over the hill.

Angels are real! My mother proves it!

She is so thoughtful and kind. There’s nothing that I cannot ask of her, the sweetest person I know. I love spending time with her and cherish her all the more now that I have a child of my own. Even the little things like checking to see if there’s anything I need in my house or just to ask how I’m doing. Don’t even get me started on how my husband lurvs his mother-in-laws cooking, I bet he’ll take it over mine any day!!! And I’m happy to take her leftovers, would you say no to prawn stir fry? Her culinary skills are to die for.

When I need to leave Sam with someone, she comes to mind first. I can trust her implicitly, knowing that she would care for him as much if not better than I would. I love watching her interact with him – how she takes note of everything he does; what he likes and dislikes; how he’s developing – she says it because she never got the chance to see her own children grow before her eyes. She’s fascinated with him.

You rock mom! I want to tell you all the wonderful things you mean to me now while you’re alive. I know that am one of the luckiest girls alive to have you so close and I love the relationship we share – wouldn’t trade you for the world. Some grandmothers only see their grandkids now and again and others have passed on without ever knowing their grandchildren. You and I share something very special, I’ll carry it in my heart forever.

If I can be half the awesome mother that you have been to me, then Sam will be all the better for it. I wanna be like you when I grow up.

Love you mummy


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