Being Maid AND Mother SUCKS!!!

21 Sep

Let’s just say that I’ve had a little trouble in the “Helper” department this month – she’s gone AWOL on THREE separate occasions (funny how it always happened to be on a Monday) and not bothered to inform me so I showed her to the proverbial door! All this means is that I’ve been relegated to being the maid and the mother and I have not been a happy smurf to say the least!

I take my hat off to women out there who choose to stay at home and do their own housework! Don’t get me wrong, I did it when I was a childless married woman and I hated it back then – nothing’s changed, except that my poor husband gets a very long face and an even longer story about how exhausting my day has been spent cleaning, cooking, feeding and the lot. It’s the same story every day and  I sound like a stuck record, even irritating myself sometimes.

Last week was my breaking-point. I had been on the verge of tears for an entire day and by the evening, as I lay cuddled in my husbands’ arms, my body trembled as I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. Frustration and exhaustion were all pent-up waiting to be released in a stream of hot tears. I was being so hard on myself for feeling like I wasn’t coping. My day usually starts around 6am and consists of keeping Sam in his routine (feeding, playing and very little sleep), making the bed, washing the dishes from the night before, tidying the house, doing the washing if needed, watching tv (in bits and pieces), starting dinner, bathing Sam (Lester does it mostly), putting him to bed and seeing to him when he wakes at night. EVERYDAY, ALL DAY is too much for anyone!!!! My mum offered to watch Sam one day for a few hours while I caught up on some me-time, it was a HUGE toss-up between sleep and trawling the mall so I dolled myself up and headed off to catch a movie – I just needed some space.

This week though I feel like I’m getting used to being permanently tired and cranky! There’s nothing like knowing exactly what your day is going to be like (everyday) to make a girl feel a tad bit depressed! Guess that probably explains why I’ve eaten a ton of chocolate lately. On a serious note though, I can’t think of anyone who loves doing this ( ’cause they need a psychiatric evaluation pronto) – I mean taking care of your family is one thing, but to pick up after them non-stop is another ball game all together. Single mothers get serious respect from me, especially if you’ve got to come home after a long day at work and still take care of the rest. And to top it all off, my son’s gotten way too clingy for my liking (he had a fever over the weekend and his tummy has been running so I suspect he’s teething AGAIN), to the point where he won’t take a nap in his cot during the day anymore, so clingy that I have to pee with him on my lap!

The silver lining has been that I get to wake up next with my beautiful baby boy every morning and spend an inordinate amount of time with him. I get to make him laugh and watch his confidence develop as he attempts to stand on his own. I get to kiss his boo-boo’s when he has a few falls and push his pram for our morning strolls. And I’ll be damned if I don’t get the Helper’s salary for all  my efforts, wining and dining does not come cheap!!!!


6 Responses to “Being Maid AND Mother SUCKS!!!”

  1. Suzanne September 21, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    Good post! A little transparency goes a long way, right? I’m sure there are lots of other moms going through the same thing. I am a bigtime silver lining searcher too, it helps to bring hope into a situation that doesn’t feel so wonderful, right?

    Thanks for the inspiration this morning!


    • Corinne September 21, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

      Hi Suzanne…thanks for a wonderful comment and after reading a little of your blog, silver linings are the difference between a good day and a bad one. Keep the inspiration coming


  2. Nicole Kilian September 22, 2011 at 12:19 am #

    Sjoe!!! That sounds hectic, one of the reasons why I don’t feel ready to have a child. Between work cooking and cleaning as is, I too feel overwhelmed at times. If u drop the ball at one, the entire cart comes crashing down. So having a little one is no joke. You are doing an awesome job. The time I spend looking after my sister gives me insight into what u are talking about. The important thing to remember is not to stop taking care of yourself, your health and well being is critically important; its the line between life and death, sanity and insanity. Sign little one up to a play group or something of the sort where you can take at least 3 days a week for an hour or 2 to own your time. I know a lot of moms and wives feel selfish at even the thought of putting their needs first. I’m confident that you will make it through this rough patch, keep pushing through your gonna make it and come out on top. Xoxo



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