Coming Of Age

26 Sep

My friends and I are hitting a big milestone – we’re all turning 30 and so far, doing it fabulously I might add. We’ve already celebrated the first two of FIVE rounds of parties and photo shoots to boot – and boy can these girls party.

Honestly, my favorite part is having the privilege of sharing the auspicious occasion with them and getting dressed for it has is just as much fun, even if I wear a little black number in the cold.

We’ve laughed, drank champagne and took photos, poured our hearts out, had champagne and took more photos, listened to and made speeches, drank more champagne and took even more photos (we can find a studio where-ever, whenever)… I’m sure you catch my drift here! It’s like a photo-shoot-champagne-drinking-laugh-a-minute marathon session and we still can’t get enough of it. I would love to know what goes on in the minds of the people (a) with us and (b) at the venue, watching the utter and total madness unfold before their very eyes.

Slanted Magazine had an article titled, The Art of Turning 30. The author (who recently turned the big 3-0) recommends that you throw a party with your nearest and dearest… remember how wonderful life and the tender age of 30 really is… look at how lucky and fortunate you are! Yes we are lucky, as two centuries ago people’s life expectancies were not much more than 30-40! Furthermore, we live in an age where the sexy, mature and experienced woman is celebrated and respected! Think Sex and the City, Cougar Town… we live in a technology age of travel, scientific enlightenment and endless opportunities.

I’ve always maintained that I look forward to turning 30 because my life should be on a path with a decent amount of direction! Looking back, my “plan” was to be married with 1.5 children and a solid career… well I’m a little of the mark now but life is what it is. The most important thing for me, is the awesome people that share in the details of my days. No matter what our current circumstance is, those who are near and dear to us are worth celebrating.


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