Show and tell

8 Nov

So now that my little Sunny-Bunny has realized that he can cry for the things he wants rather than point to them, let’s just say that he’s started to try my patience. While no child has ever died from crying (that we know of), I am most certainly of the conviction that it is a form of torture – for the criee not the crier!

He was never a cry-baby but for the love of all things good, there’s only so much a poor person can take and let me not get started on the times when he squinches his eyes to get the tears to flow a little more, I mean, where on earth did he get that from, certainly not me! He cries when he wakes up and realizes that he’s actually awake; when he wants to read a book we’ve read 5 times already and I’ve had it; when he’s tired; when he’s hungry; when a dangerous item gets taken away… that’s a lot of crying I really don’t care to hear.

A while ago, I asked Lester if we could teach Samuel Baby Sign Language. You can teach your child to sign things specific to your family, like a pat on the shoulder could mean sleep time and the like. He obviously laughed at the very notion of hand signs (I think out of embarrassment) and now I want to kick him because Sam’s little finger and grunting or crying in my ears do not equate to understanding what this little creature wants. At first I thought, I can’t wait for Sam to start talking but then I hear that they never stop so for now, instead of counting to ten or one hundred thousand, I want to see if there’s any merit to the practice of baby signing.

I would totally understand if he hurt himself or was in pain or it was something serious, I’d be there in a heartbeat but “just because” IS NOT A REASON… why???? Because I said so! And besides, girls don’t like cry-“babies”, they like smart, intelligent men which you will grow up to be one day- naturally! For now, use those fingers and COMMUNICATE!


One Response to “Show and tell”

  1. Robyn November 9, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    Well I could teach you a few signs that I’d like to use on my husband and children ever so often.. as for the crying, welcome to the club!


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