The highlights of Sam’s first birthday party….

27 Nov

Cool dudes Cooper and Noah wanted to join me

There was a splishing and a splashing

The candle was way more important than the cake

The Birthday Cake, minus a few characters after I had my way

Granny and grampa love

I just had to fix Ethan's hair

Mamma love

Mia familia

Pressie time

This look is priceless, great Kodak moment!

If you know anything about me at all, it’s that I LOVE/must/need to and have to be super-organised much to the irritation of my husband but I know for a fact that I definitely got it from my mother. Whether my somewhat OCD is genetic or a learned trait is another discussion for a whole other day. The point of me saying that was that this party was planned months in advance and if I could have rented a crowd of kids to make up for my friends kids who couldn’t be there then the party would have gone off as I had originally planned. Yes, this party was all about me! Even though it was my son’s birthday, I felt that I also needed recognition for spending eight whole hours in labor, come on, give me some credit too, just kidding. Needless to say, the venue had to be changed a week before the party date but it turned out to be a lovely afternoon shared with loved ones. Sam did manage to exhaust himself after all the swimming splashing so he had a nice long nap half way through the event which gave hubby and I a chance to mingle with our guests without the worry of one busy little body. It was truly wonderful and special day. If there’s anything I would imagine Samuel could say about his special day it would probably be: “Next year’s party better be this much fun mom!”


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