Thank you Secret Santa

11 Jan

A couple of mommy bloggers got together to take part in being a Secret Santa, hosted by Bronwyn over at Mommy’s Toes and it turned out to be pretty cool. I liked getting to check out a few other blogs that are pretty cool, crazy and some very entertaining. 

A very big thank you to the lovely lady who gave me such a beautiful gift of two bracelets and a pair of earings. The bracelets are a stunning composure of beads, shells and charms. It’s really refreshing to have someone give you something that you may not have picked out for yourself but I’m pleasantly surprised and can’t wait to wear my new pieces. I find myself taken aback by the gesture in a strange way. I say strange because I actively participated in this knowing that I would be getting a gift of sorts. What it could be, is that a total stranger took some time out of her day to look for something that she thought I would like, that’s endearing. I know I wracked my brain for a few days trying to figure out what to buy, it’s not easy when the blogger you have to buy for talks about her kids (which we all do) and you can’t make head or tail of what kind of stuff she’s into. Luckily Bronwyn mailed us all with a few questions about ourselves that she could send to our Secret Santa in case they needed some direction.

Hopefully one day we can make it a blogger get together, even if it is on Skype since we all have such hectic lives these days.


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