My Guilty Pleasures

27 Jan

I can put my head on a block when I say that as a mother, I dread the rush-home-to-cook-fight-and-feed-bath-and-fight-to-sleep rigmarole but I wait with bated breath for the peace and quiet that follows and allows me to indulge in what I call my guilty pleasures…. TELEVISION in the form of DSTV channels 186, TLC, 124  VUZU and 125 E! Entertainment. I used to be a Nat Geo Wild and Animal Planet chic but not anymore. By the way, all the time-slots are calendar notifications on my phone just in case I forget…. (Lester, stop rolling your eyes!)

Let’s start with the Kardashians, anytime I can catch an episode, even a repeat (depending on the mood). They’re not famous for anything, their dad was OJ’s lawyer (hmm) and Kim made a sex-tape but otherwise being socialites is all they HAD going – but regardless of what losers people think they are, I still find myself auto-tuning to their shows to see what craziness they’ll conjure up next. Mason is so cute. Scott is an endless source of drama (he keeps things going really), Kimmy is always at some shoot, poor Khlo-Khlo is always saying the weirdest stuff and then Rob, is well… Rob (loser, living off his sisters) but let’s not leave out the matriarch/momanger, Mrs Jenner, the reason why they can all retire at 30!

Then there’s the Housewives of New York on VUZU, thursday  nights at 7:30 – boy can these girls get catty and lose their minds over the stupidest stuff. It’s like watching bi-polar, schizophrenics with a large dose of high drama. They fight about who got invited to whose party at the summer out in the Hampton’s and the difference between a cook and a chef??? I’m talking about guns come out blazing! They definitely aren’t violent but we all know that you can never take back what you say.

Pop over to Sister Wives on TLC, when they air the show. What makes one woman believe that by being joined to a man and other women, that they will achieve spiritual upliftment or enlightenment or a higher status in the after-life? I’ve been intrigued by the series because it’s about a polygamist family that’s being investigated as we speak for living a polygamist lifestyle and they really seem like pretty normal people, although I’m not sure what people are expecting to see. According to certain American laws, having more than one wife is an offense worth prosecution. The Browns want the public to be more aware of polygamist families and societal prejudices but let me go back to the beginning. The Brown family consists of the patriarch, Kody, his four wives and something like 17 kids between them. They look like a regular family if you didn’t know their lifestyle. Meri, is the first wife of 21 years and to whom Kody is legally married to and has one child with. Second wife of 16 years, Ganelle with whom Kody has six children. Then there’s Christine, third wife of 13 year with whom Kody has six kids as well and last (for now at least) is Robyn who has no kids with Cody (just yet) but has brought her three children into the Brown family from her first marriage, which was monogamous. Talk about logistics – could be the stuff nightmares are made of. A night off from hubby’s antics would be nice once in a while but how would I feel if I saw him hold wife no4 a little longer or kiss in front of me – I don’t know if my soul could handle that amount of torture or bridling.

And Buddy,the Cake Baws (that’s Boss with a New Jersey accent) from Hoboken New Jersey. Man, I love how creative and innovative he and his team are. Gotta love Italians in the kitchen, their foods and flare are so captivating but I always seem to watch the dams show when I’m hungry, or maybe I’m hungry all the damn time, who knows.

So those are the kind of things I like to do when I want to vegetate on my sofa…. Ruler of the remote… that’s me!


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