Something to think about

12 Mar

Here’s something to think about today:

Don’t Look down at the woman with 4 kids, no husband, living in an income based housing, struggling to keep her lights on. We ALWAYS think the grass is greener on the other side, money alone doesn’t make you happy (not true happiness), good credit doesn’t keep you satisfied, beauty doesn’t make you any less insecure, fame doesn’t make you less vulnerable or cause you to be a good judge of character and being stuck up and mean doesn’t keep you warm at night or prevent you from being lonely. 

You don’t know how the woman sitting right next to you could have carefully put on her make up this morning to hide the beating from last night. The teacher to whom you handed your child over to this morning could have sent her children off to school from a dark house with empty bellies. The teller you just got rude with at the bank could know that today is her last day at her job and have no idea how she’s going to survive past next weekend. 

The woman at the office that appears so busy could be typing her goodbyes to all the people that she loves because she plans to commit suicide tonight after she tucks her babies into bed. The woman you pass in the hallway could be on her way to have an abortion because she fears what others might think. 

Ladies we HAVE TO DO BETTER!!! I’m not suggesting that we all like each other and be phony, but I am asking that we all try to respect each other. You HAVE NO IDEA what the next woman is going through, you don’t know what past or current hurts and pains have shaped her into who she is today. 

We spend so much time trying to be as strong and hard as we are expected to be that we end up cracking from the inside out piece by piece. If we would spend a 1/3 of the time building someone up instead of tearing each other down, encourage someone, show someone some love, we could truly make a difference and save someone’s life. 

PLEASE don’t be the straw that breaks another woman’s back. Believe me when I tell you that there is a woman out there that needs your smile, your hug, your support, your prayer. I hope that you read this and get something out of it other than a laugh and that you pass this on to as many women as you can to let someone know that you believe they are somebody special and that if need be you are available to listen. Sometimes that is all one needs, someone to listen. 

This comes from an email that I received from a very good friend of mine and I really think its worth sharing. I take no credit for this  but I do hope that it does more than tug at your heart strings – I still maintain, that it takes a village to raise a mother!

Have a nice day!


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