The life of this student

16 May

Its been FIVE hectic MONTHS since lectures have started and I’ve even written a good couple of maths tests all the while my baby contracted a contagious viral disease that caused blisters on his hands, feet and in his mouth which meant there was a crabby, sick baby and a very tired mommy! He went to Durban with his dad for a week WITHOUT me (and survived) and is now teething molars!!!

What I’ve found to be true in my case, is that, the more things change, the more things stay the same. With this new chapter in my life, I honestly thought I would be a different person and I don’t know why! I thought I’d be more vibey, show extrovert tendencies and share all the wisdom I had accumulated along my life’s long path (not!) but I’m still plain ol’ me, literally!

Let me explain. I thought I’d sit at the back of the class and just suss out the situation – I sit in the first or second row of EVERY class! My eyesight is not what it used to be (blushing). I thought I’d make friends easily because I’m a like-able kinda gal. I think I’m going at one a week (giving me enough time to actually remember their names) and found a chic, like me (married with kids) and I loved that I could talk to someone about how hectic things are for us “returning” students with families! When my timetable used to end early, I thought I’d trawl the malls or catch the 2 o’clock movie but actually I leave campus everyday after four (doing my work in the library or the maths tutorial rooms) because it just does not happen at home at all, no matter how hard I try!

A lot of the time, I find myself wondering if I really have what it takes to get through the next three years and I realize that the sinking feeling that precedes an acute anxiety attack is because this would overwhelm me to the point where I could talk myself out of this all together. As tough as it is, hour by hour works wonders and knowing that I have angels guiding me every step along the way is comforting. I am blown away every day at how I just happen to be at the right place when the right person crosses my path to give me the right answer to my question. It’s been short of freaky but then again, I don’t believe in coincidences and definitely do believe in miracles!

So if you do hear from me, it’s because I had to sneak out from behind the mound of books to get things off my chest – as usual.


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