My new interest… Pinterest

14 Jun

My husband is convinced that I have way too much time on my hands and that I need to get a life – I’ve heard all that before and by the way, I like things MY way…. that’s why I joined yet ANOTHER social media site and I am loving it. So much so that I had to retire early the other night because I had a blinder of a headache, my eyes were aching from all the images streaming onto the screen.

Pinterest is basically a site where you can create and manage theme-based digital “dream boards”. “Pins” can be an image, video or discussion that people put together and just like facebook, you can follow or be followed. These are things you like, love, find funny, places you want to go, your dream home…. it can be anything that your heart so desires that you can find on the world wide web – yayness!!! My paper dream board that got lost in one of the many moves I’ve done in my little lifetime. I had painstakingly spent time sifting through myriads of magazines looking for and cutting out words, phrases and images all describing what my heart longed for. Houses, cars, THREE kids, exotic holiday destinations, business ideas and the kind of person I want to be all featured in my collage.

To get a sneak-peek into what makes my heart skip a beat – click on the  button… and be warned: if you have addictive tendancies… STOP NOW, you just might find yourself hooked.

As they say: happy pinning (insert smiley face)


One Response to “My new interest… Pinterest”

  1. Corrinne Pillay June 14, 2012 at 4:58 pm #

    Haha… Ditto! Love me some Pinterest!! Funny, my hubby says the same thing to me!!! Guess they’ll just never understand! A girlfriend ofine introduced me to Pinterest about a year ago, if not longer and I’m hooked! Happy pinning!!!


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