Off to Mozambique

26 Jun

Three more days and counting until I get to spend a few days with hubby and close friends and NO kids!!! You’d swear that we had won the lottery or about to celebrate Christmas because we don’t have worry about the incessant hum-drum routine of playing-feeding-sleeping-playing-bathtime-bedtime routine that consumes us as parents. So yes, there will be none of that!

I have not packed as YET but I have made my list and daily meditate on it to make sure that nothing important like food, snacks or drinks has been forgotten – HEAVEN FORBID! Oh ya and a few items of clothing since we will have weather a kin to a Durban autumn even though we are in the middle of winter in the southern  hemisphere.

Sunny bunny with be with his grandparents (and my helper will be at my mom’s place to look after Sunny so that my poor mother doesn’t lose her mind) and their itinerary has already been set, I’ll have you know.

I can’t wait! The padkos is either in the freezer (meatballs, chicken wings, mini sausages) or waiting to be bought but in a few more sleeps, I’ll be on a sandy beach sipping a cocktail of sorts…


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