My first 5km run while training

2 Nov

I must admit that I have never thought of myself as a runner but I do seem to enjoy it, running on the treadmill, that is. It’s so much easier than road-running with the music going, the moderated temperature in the gym and being able to watch a range of channels to keep the eye from wondering to constantly check the time! I can adjust my pace with one push of a button and just keep going.

On the road is a completely different story and Lester gave me plenty of warning about what a big adjustment it is and how not to underestimate getting injured. I could not agree with him more. I was grateful for the last cool October morning (which should have been warm) but the road was no fun and even worse so because I had left my iPod at home  on the dining room table – it was a double drat! All I can say is that I need to get onto the road more often because (a) races don’t take place on treadmills and (b) it’s a different ball game altogether that I need to get on top of!

Someone (who I met  on Twitter, Andy Wandy) is training for the Soweto 10 km, was kind enough to send me 10 km running program that she is using and the line up for Wednesday was my first 5 km run!  Understand that I’m training for the next race now in November – it’s in 9 days time to be exact!!! Yikes! I’ve only done one 10 km race and while I average 3.4 km per run, I still need to get my mileage up if I’m to improve my time.

Doing the 5km run of this 5 week program scared me because  I wasn’t sure if I could do it and survive. I know that sounds crazy but it’s one thing doing three kilometers, it’s another just adding two more like its nothing, especially if you have to do it the following day AND then a 6km run THE DAY AFTER THAT!!! So I grew a pair, so to speak and hit the road.

Contrary to my disbelief, I survived and didn’t do it in  such a bad time. Still though, it was tough but nothing beats beating a challenge. The 6 km run happened in the comfort of my gym and it took me an hour!!! “One foot in front of the other” is my new mantra and I’m so proud of me for sticking to it. It really is amazing what your body can do once you allow you mind to just let go.

I’m not banking on doing/running/having a better personal best time (however you say it) but I’m starting to enjoy pushing myself where I didn’t think I could. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way of aspiring to be an athlete (I have a life and other aspirations) but I am enjoying a new healthy hobby for now. The hubster and  I have a race or two we’d like to run/work towards like to Two Oceans in 2014, he’ll do the marathon, I’ll do the 21 km and then we’ll spend the rest of our time in the wine lands, sounds lovely hey? The wine lands that is!

Any way, Nike could not have said it better when they coined the phrase: Just do it! It’s hard work with great  personal rewards. So get moving however you see fit, your body and mind will thank you!


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