The Pervasive Paranoia

6 Dec

Pervasive: extensive, all over the place, can’t get away from, common, general, inescapable, omnipresent, permeating, prevalent, rife, universal, wall-to-wall, widespread.”

 It’s so sad that we live in a world where you cannot take your eyes off your child for a minute whether in public or with friends and family. We live in a world where family members are known to prey on young children and take their innocence. We live in a sick cruel world where your child could get snatched and only God-knows where they end up that unspeakable things happen. It’s a place where even the elderly are taken advantage of by young sex-crazed men. We live in a violent world with sexist pigs.

Not so long ago, a friend of mine on Twitter, tweeted that her little girl was complaining of pain when she went to pee. My friend wasn’t sure if her daughter had contracted a bladder infection and to make it worse, she had just put her helper off a few days earlier because of  the very same thing. Immediately, I Googled “pediatric uti’s” just to see what the medics said if anything sinister was going on.  To be honest, if it was bad news in terms of transmission, I really don’t know how I would have told her but thank the good Lord it was innocuous. A UTI can occur just by a bit of fecal matter being present near the urethra and then the bugs get in. As an adult, bladder infections are no joke so my heart really went out to this toddler and her mom.

A little later, my friend thanked me for passing on the information and admitted that her mind went to a very dark place. I replied by saying that her reaction was normal, warranted and she would be turning a blind eye if she didn’t think that way at all. How can you not in this day and age where we are not around our kids twenty-four hours a day.

I recall an incident at a play center that I go to often with Sam. He was playing in the little plastic house alone when one of the child-minders approached him. She was around the back of the play house so I couldn’t see her or what she was doing to him. I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was trying to get to the door and  trying to open it from the outside. My heart was racing as I tried to figure out what was happening until I calmed myself down and tried not to jump to conclusions so hastily – we were there so that I could have a break while he plays, watched over by the child-minders, HELLO!!!

A very good teacher that I know has told me how young girls have cringed at his proximity in the classroom and he’s sensed she was abused, this while teaching at a public primary school. He mentioned that even at a private school, one of their good pupils had to be removed because she came forward and told a friend that her step-father was raping her. Its’ making my skin crawl and is utterly gut-wrenching.

The stats out there on kid-napping and child abuse or human trafficking are the kind of stuff that real gruesome nightmares are made of. Unfortunately, they are cold hard facts. I don’t know how soon to start having these kinds of conversations with Samuel because little boys are not immune from the wiles of predators. Nothing would enrage me more or break my heart than to know my child’s innocence was taken from him, it’s just not something I can live with.

Most nights I pray over Samuel, that he would be hidden from preying eyes, that the would have the courage to tell me if something untoward happened or if he was touched inappropriately, even slightly; or just if an adult makes him uncomfortable in any way.

We owe it to our kids and the kids on our worlds to more vigilant, more aware, more active in even reporting cases or going with our gut when a child we see just doesn’t seem right. Let’s not just have 16 days of activism…


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