What a way to end the weekend

26 Mar

So this weekend was a long one for our country, celebrating Human Rights Day on Thursday and getting to enjoy the rest of the weekend “off”. So here’s how my weekend turned out…

 Thursday morning was spent lazing around and just chilling with Sam who decided that he needed to wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning! I mean really, on a public holiday nogals! Lester had a very early start because he went to run in Pretoria as part of his training running up to the Two Oceans, pun intended. So the morning was mostly spent trying to get some shut-eye in between Madagascar 2 playing and the background and being told to “yead (read) mum, yead”. It took nothing for me to put the book over my face and catch a few zzzz’s that was until Mr. Samuel wanted to roam the complex garden. At 9 am, there I was in my pj’s walking around with a cup of coffee in hand trying to stifle my yawns hoping that my little trooper would succumb to the Sand Man. Eventually around 10:30 am we went in to lie in bed and have a doo-doo. Lester came home to relax a bit before we headed off to one of his colleagues homes for a braai. Midday lunch almost turned into an early dinner because the company and food were just great. Once home, we all turned in for an early night.

Friday was chilled as well. I met a good girlfriend for lunch and headed home. So much for trying to do some varsity work. My brother and sister-in-law were house-sitting my parents place for the weekend so Sam and I headed over to spend time with our very special Ethan! It was another early night because Sam had his first swimming lesson the next morning (a post soon to follow over at Sam’s blog).

Thank goodness my son let us sleep in until about 7ish, that’s generally that time I would prefer to wake up if I didn’t have all the morning stuff to sort out. We made a leisurely breakfast and headed over to Aqua-tots for his first introductory swimming lesson. He threatened to nap on the way but thank goodness for the swing on the property that kept him going. After the lesson, we headed home with a sleeping tot and on a mission to do the “Harriots”, something every colored mother knows about. We then invited some family over that we hadn’t got to see in a long time, they recently moved up from Durban so it was nice to catch up and let Sam spend time with another set of cousins.

 Sunday rolled over and it started at church and was followed by lunch at the Olivers’ with another awesome couple and their kids. On that note, we are so truly blessed to have the great friends we do and more so that our hubbies get along and no longer feel like side-kicks but actually make an effort to spend time together apart from their wives. It’ s a special treasure. Lunch was good as we were spending the afternoon at the hostess-with-the-mostess. This chic cans entertain and cook like no one’s business, she is seriously that good and makes it all look so effortless, painting the kids’ faces in between feeding us. Sunny bunny ate as little as possible (as usual) and indulged in the chips more than all the cool sweets on offer, even I got to tuck into the goodies. We bathed the kids together and set off home with our food parcels under our arms to fall into bed. Another early night was disrupted by a vomiting toddler at 11 pm. So we got out of bed and changed the first of three sets of linen. Wiped him down and settled again. Not even an hour later, he vomits again. We all get out the bed and do the second change. By the fourth episode, he had nothing in his system and was dry heaving. Our bedroom was a disgusting sight, let alone smell and the passage was piling up with soiled linen. Too much information I know, sorry! Lester has been on “duty” but neither of us could fall asleep listening out for this child who fell asleep in between. With him having to go to work the next morning, it was my turn to take over. I woke every time he moved, when his breathing changed and then when the tell-tale swallowing started before the next vomit and by that stage he was dry heaving and I couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t stop. By 3 am I was getting worried because he was getting warmer and I knew we’d never wait until the doctor’s rooms opened the following morning. Also, I noticed that he didn’t cry every time he vomited and he usually did but more than that he was listless and THAT worried me more. We bundled him up and headed to Sandton Mediclinic to have him assessed. Turned out to be gastro with dehydration and they gave him a rehydration solution and didn’t opt to admit him. With burning eyes and tired bodies, we were home by 5am. I gave him a bottle of pedia-sure just to get something into his system and you guessed it – he vomited that up on the last on my linen so him and I slept in chocolate smelling throw-up, on towels and honestly just hoped for the best! Lester only got an hour’s sleep before he had to get ready for work.

 It was such a lovely weekend all in all. My Sunny is already on the mend and the three hours of sleep didn’t kill my mood but at least I got to nap and cuddle with him.


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