A little catch up

5 Apr

So after my sad post on Monday, I’ve had a pretty okay week.

Last week I got a gift sent to my house from McDonald’s and I love gifts. It was a message about how busy our lives are and how we need to spend quality time with our families OFFLINE – something social-media-obsessed people like me have a hard time doing and I know I’m not alone!!! And the box included a meal voucher to spend on the family on Family Day. One thing Sunny Bunny loves is running around and playing with other kids so off we went for lunch on Monday. What made that time even more precious was that Lester had been to run the Two Oceans Marathon that weekend so we all just needed time to catch up and be together and yes, I managed to put my phone in my bag and leave it there for a little while.

This weekend will be spent cuddling with Sunny Bunny as he gets over a chest infection (which I gave to him while he was with me over the weekend) and then I have the wonderful pleasure of a chef coming to my house on Monday night to prepare a meal for my boys and I. If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m not a domestic goddess in the least! I live by one-pot-wonders and if it can be left to cook on its own, like grills, then I’m thrilled. You honestly cannot understand how excited I about Monday… Stay tuned to see how it goes….

Have a lovely weekend whatever you end up doing and whom ever you chose to be with – life is for the living so let the special people in your life know it.

Peace and Love



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