Thanks McCain for farm-fresh goodness

9 Apr

For those of you who know me, I’m a do-it-the-easiest-way-you-can kind of cook. Short and sweet is what I love or one-pot-wonders work best for me. Needless to say, I love to eat and that’s why look the way I do. I just remembered that someone once told me that I’d have an eating disorder! Wah hah! It’s obviously the kind that tips the scales in the wrong direction.

 I most certainly love food and make no apologies for it! All foods in fact. As a child, we ate a lot of stews so true to form, my brother is a veggie-phobe and I’m the complete opposite. Give me veggies raw or cooked any day! I do prefer them fresh but with the way my life is so hectic, there’s very little time to constantly run to the shops and it becomes expensive in the end so I opt for frozen veg, those for casseroles and curries as well as those for roasting.

Dinner Package

Like me, I’m sure you’re saying that having fresh vegetables is by far the best and I wouldn’t disagree but we shouldn’t negate the nutritious value that frozen veggies can bring. The benefits of using frozen vegetables are actually more than one realizes. Not only do they save you time and money, like I’ve just explained; they are versatile; require little preparation; there’s no wastage (unless you dish out too much for your fussy little eater like mine, in which case I re-feed it to him); and you’re able to get your veggies all year round. See, easy-peasy!

Anyway, back to my story. McCain was kind enough so send over Chef Charl last night to prepare a meal for my family and I. Even Sunny Bunny got to eat some potato smiles which he polished, picky eaters are a lot of work but who can say no to smile? My dinner consisted of lamb cutlets with roast potatoes as well as delicious roast vegetables and Tzaziki on the side – it was beyond amazing. You will never  understand how utterly stuffed I was and the accompanying glass of red wine finished it off so well. But the truth is that by following the package instructions, we can all eat a great, healthy and wholesome meal without doing it the long drawn out way.

So thanks again to the very nice people over at McCain for making life somewhat simpler for us busy people who still want to keep healthy…. Check out the cold facts and see for yourself that you’re not losing out in any way. Think again, think McCain



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