Keep it on lock down

25 Apr

While on a run yesterday I decided that I really needed to write a post about the really amazing sports bras that I have and all thanks to great advice from  Tanya Kovarsky from Rattle and Mum & Dear Max, who’s been at it for a while now. And I must vehemently state that this is NOT A PAID POST but that in itself is another discussion I’ll have with you soon.

My family gene pool has a mix of big bazookas and not so much bum, hip and thigh on my dad’s side of the family while on my mother’s side, there is little boob with a whole lot of bum, hip and thigh, more than enough actually. Growing up, I always thought that I’d have my mother’s pear-shaped figure but the combined effects of: time or age, child-birth (yes, I still use that excuse) and gravity I now how an hour-glass shape. Mind you round is still a shape let’s not forget! Anyway, the whole point is that I now look like my paternal aunts and that’s not such a bad thing because you can remedy boobs easier with surgery than a pair of AK-49’s for hips.

On this post about Breasteses, which is actually a word from the Urban Dictionary, click here to see. I go on and on about how I want a boob job one day because having this much glandular tissue is not funny by any stretch of the imagination.

There were two very big reasons (pun intended)  that I don’t like any form of exercise involving too much effort on my part that would lead to sweating because of the Harriots (coloured hair problems) and because I didn’t want to be knocked unconscious by my bazookas for boobs. Tanya was kind enough to do a post for Triaction when she “tested” their sports bra. She used to wear two sports bras and when she found “the one”, extra support was no longer an issue. This got me wondering whether the manufacturer of sports bras actually cared enough to make “equipment” for those of us who tip the scales. Visit the Triaction By Triumph Facebook Page, its great and helpful too.

So off I went on a little adventure to find a suitable cage for the girls. Luckily, the first shop I stepped into proved useful, Sportsmans Warehouse. I made a bee-line for the garments in question but when I looked at the bra that Tanya had tried, I was very disappointed!!! That poor little piece of material would hold like a vapor in the wind in comparison to what I was looking for. I needed the Fort Knox of sports bras. Can you say lock down! So I kept on searching among the Triumph range and finally, like a light shone from the heavens, I saw it…. A sports bra for extreme sports and in my size 38 E (the black one in the picture on the far right). Technically I WAS an F cup at the time but thanks to running even the girls have managed to lose a little so now we all fit into a 38 DD but that’s just for sports bras. Anyway, it was a bit more than the one Tanya had paid for but for all the extras I was happy to pay a bit more. The straps were wide and padded. The back-straps were adjustable and the material absorbed sweat fast. Off I went to the change-rooms to do my jumping jacks and sprints-on-the-spot to test the “bounce-ability” of the girls. Let’s just be real here: when research says that you boobs can move up to about 4 cms away from your body during activity, not only is that far but that hurts when they aren’t secure and I don’t have time to sweat and be in unnecessary pain.

The story goes on. So one piece of equipment is not enough, I have to wear two. Instead of breaking the student piggy bank, I opted for a cheaper version and got one for medium impact sports, just two  notches down. I haven’t tried any other brands other than Nike because Triaction is really reasonably priced all round. Nike did not fit at all even in the XL and paying R500 was not an option I had.

On the road or treadmill, I almost forget that I have boobs, seriously. It’s like having a temporary boob job because they are stuck to you. I honestly cannot be more happier so if you ever need some advice, I’ll be happy to share and also the ladies at Sportmans’ Warehouse were quite knowledgeable, the one problem I had was that they don’t often get stock of the bigger sizes so buy it when you see it but they were happy to source that make more me.

Now that I enjoy a short run, the hair story is not such a big deal but I would never consider running if I did not wear my sports bras, they are that important to me. Go out there, don’t let winter hold you back and keep active or you could just have a whole bunch of sex instead!!!


2 Responses to “Keep it on lock down”

  1. Cindy April 26, 2013 at 12:07 pm #

    I had a reduction – it will change your life! Seriously worth ever single penny!


    • Corinne April 26, 2013 at 12:21 pm #

      If I had the money AND already popped out baby number two, I would do it in a heartbeat!


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