Nestle’ Food Challenge

31 May

During the week a parcel was delivered to my house from Nestle. In it was a few goodies as well as a food challenge and simple recipe to follow. Now those of you who know (and have seen me), know that I LOVE FOOD, that’s partly (mostly) why I am the size that I am but look, round is still a shape Ok! Anyway, the aim of the challenge was to consider low sodium cooking and how tasty meals can still be.

Now I don’t know about you but the only reason I took note of what went on with Nestle’ was when they were promoting their new chocolates. How many Nestle’ products don’t you know of? You did not have a childhood unless you had strawberry or chocolate flavoured Nesquik right! What about dipping your finger (or teaspoon) into a tin of condensed milk while your mother baked or sipped some ideal milk? Who does not love a warm mug of Milo in winter? Or enjoy (you or your kids) the milo cereal, let alone having them start life off on Nan then moving onto NidoSlide1

Growing up, my mother had a “light” hand when it came to adding salt during the cooking process and my dad was the one who would add salt BEFORE he even tasted the food – I never understood it. When it was my turn to learn how to cook, I started off heavy, many a good meal was spoiled but I’ve since come a long way. Sad to say tough, now that my dad is older, he’s has blood pressure problems and is now on medication, a large part of it due to his diet and he’s being pretty good about his salt intake. Hypertension, is a serious condition with not many people knowing that they have it especially in the early stages. Permanently increased blood pressure puts a strain on the heart and places further pressure on the arteries. This increases the risk of a heart attack, heart disease, kidney disease and damage to the eyes. Scary right? But remember it’s not just about the salt we add to our food, it’s also about the salt that’s in the processed foods we buy and that’s something I’ve never bothered to check but will be doing from now on. Slide2

Salt in and of itself is not all bad, it’s quite useful preservative and if you’re worried about not having as much flavour by cutting down on salt then use more herbs and spices. Spices have great nutritional value. For more information and helpful tips visit the Nutrition, Health & Wellness tab on Nestlé’s website: And of you want to test your nutrition, health and wellness knowledge? Take the Welnes IQ test at:

nestle salt ad

Ok, so we all know about Nestle’ but have you tried the Ideal Cook-in milk? I certainly not have but it comes in some really great flavours that I can’t wait to try them out. The recipe I’ll be giving a bash is Beef Stroganoff so watch this space to see how things turn out for me and the boys.



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