Dear Dad, my childhood superhero

13 Jun

Every little girl should grow up to believe that she is beautiful, know that she is cared for and above all feel protected. My very amazing father has done all of this and so much more for me. I loved to sit in his lap and have him spoil me. He made every effort to attend every ballet concert he could. My dad has worked incredibly hard to make sure that his family, both nuclear and very extended, are taken care of no matter what is needed. He’s a pillar of strength to many, a wealth of knowledge, has wisdom beyond his years and would die for those he loves. He is an amazing example of what a father is: loving, patient, caring and yet he has given me the space to make my mistakes, sometimes knowingly, yet always there to offer support and encouragement. He has taught me never to give up and that you never, ever stop learning; that life is for the living and that being a person of principles is what counts in the end. I’ve grown up believing that no sacrifice would ever be too great, that I will always have someone great in my corner cheering me on and that I am loved unconditionally.

I could never thank you enough dad for all your love and support. I honestly don’t know what I would do without you.

You are more than amazing and I just wanted to take the time to tell you that I love you with all my heart.

Lot of love, your Babyduck


One Response to “Dear Dad, my childhood superhero”

  1. Mark June 13, 2013 at 9:38 pm #

    Thank you Babyduck..I only did what seemed the natural and right thing to do. My role model I would have to say is my dear old mother Doreen.


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