Our Next Big Adventure

26 Jun

I am a self-proclaimed professional! I’ve been up in the Highveld for the last six years and I have moved FIVE times already and this does not include the initial move up here!!! Sourcing boxes, finding newspaper or bubble wrap to pack the millions of things I own (read hoard) and finding a way to get it all there without any casualties is all part of moving. We haven’t moved yet and its unofficially official but I do need to air my thoughts so hang tight with me and feel free to give me your advice.

I’ve got to be very careful in what I say because you never know who’s watching out. I am by no means that popular that anyone would want to know where I live but the process has not started yet. Yet in true Corinne-style, I love to dissect issues and make a bigger deal of them than they are so that by the time, that actual event comes around, its’ not that big of a deal anymore.

Here goes. My handsome, charming and very smart husband got a great promotion and with that we have been offered a place to live in and it is just over half an hour away from where we live now. In Joburg terms, that makes a very big difference when you take into consideration: traffic on its own let alone the routes that one must navigate to reduce the traffic (because there is NO getting away from it); petrol allocation that goes with how far you live from where you work or in my case study; the time you’ll have to leave home and when you’re MOST likely to get back; the location of the nearest stores and so forth.

Understand that I LOVE WHERE I CURRENTLY RESIDE. Yes, full stop. I envisioned us one day buying a home in that area to raise our family and entertain to our heart’s content. But I’m not the only one who lives with me and that means that I have to consider my family as well. The area that we are moving to would have never in a million-gazillion-catrillion years been a consideration, here’s why – IT’S OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE…. The Bundus! The Sticks! Rolling hills! Where horses run wild! Oh there are horses, they’re just not mine. You could call it a farm but it’s not actually. The beauty of it is that there is plenty fresh air and a ton of space for Sunny Bunny to run around to his hearts’ content. Another plus is that my helper will finally be able to come live with us and that is truly an answer to prayer.Slide1

In all honesty, I don’t know. I don’t know that I want to move that far. I don’t know how bad, bad really will be with the traffic from there. I don’t know that I want to be that far away from my parents who are literally ten minutes away. I don’t know that I want to be even further from my church, although I see that a few churches a stone’s throw away from the new place. I don’t know that I want to be more than 15 minutes away from the nearest mall – yes I am that shallow, I do love to window shop! And I don’t know that I want to awake before dawn actually cracks!

I do however want what’s best for my family. It’s not permanent or set in stone and I have to remind myself that I am not moving to another city, or country or known universe! Come to think of it, I might just start a little vegetable patch of my own while I’m out there.

And my only condition, which is non-negotiable, is that there be constant internet access because heaven forbid I cannot Pin, Search, Tweet or blog being the social media junkie that I am.



One Response to “Our Next Big Adventure”

  1. Sam June 27, 2013 at 10:03 am #

    I would pray about it my friend. You will know what is the right choice. Also do a pro’s and con’s list – laying them all out on paper helps me be clear about my choices. Also – do a trial run of the traffic in peak hours etc – sometimes its FULL but moves nicely…it’s when it’s full and doesn’t move that it’s a problem.

    Good luck making this decision – but you will make the right on in the end.



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