Moving Along

11 Jul

moving carWe all know that moving is ranked one of the top three most stressful life events!A study carried out in the sixties by Holmes and Rahe, ranked 43 (believe it or not) of the most stressful life events. ‘A change in residence’ was indeed present on the list, albeit quite near the bottom. However, a surprisingly large number of the remaining events could either provoke a move (divorce, separation, retirement, marriage, new family member) or are related to moving house (major mortgage, change in school, change in social activities, change in living conditions). Using this scale we can see that the bigger the change, the more stressful the move (although we probably didn’t need the scale to tell us that!).

Today’s hectic lifestyle leaves little room for added stress. If the stress scale was adapted to reflect modern day life, perhaps the one hundred and one extra administrative tasks that go hand in hand with moving would be included. Back in the sixties there were infinitely fewer people to notify of your change of address; no internet, satellite/cable, insurance, different utility companies, Facebook friends  and Twitter etc. And there was probably a wife or mother at home to take care of it all. Humans are creatures of habit and moving house presents disruptions on a number of levels. As well as getting used to the obvious change in habits and location, moving house generates a variety of emotions; excitement, guilt, apprehension, sadness and anxiety to name but a few.

I think that it’s still amazing how I found the place we now live in after weeks of searching. One day, during  a lunch break I decided to take a drive around the area I wanted to stay in to look for any “To Let” signs. I didn’t find any but I did happen to find a Rental Agency for that area who had one flat on their books that was empty at the time and just perfect for a small family. We moved in the middle of August 2010 and I clearly remember moving to Randburg. Lugging around a few things at 6 months pregnant and co-ordinating everyone else. Preparing a nursery and making it a home. The reason that I’m sad is because this is the first house that my Sunny Bunny was born in and has grown up in. He has had many firsts in this place. First: cold, tooth, meal, crawl, birthday and the list goes on. Notice how I left our his first steps, that happened at my friend Robyns‘ house. I’m not usually one for long baths but I’ve had so many this week because in that tub I recall the long hot bath I had after walking Sandton City flat, having a hot spicy meal and doing bedroom acrobatics at a whopping 42 weeks to try get labour moving along. There are so many wonderful memories within these walls but it’s time to say goodbye. So I guess now, I’m not feeling as overwhelmed as I’m feeling sad.

God has been so amazing and gracious. We have gone from one place to another to accommodate our family that’s gone from a childless married couple to one that now has one (so far) and it’s been a blessing. Maybe moving is good for our souls in that we don’t get bogged down to one place and in so doing learn to adapt to a change in our environments and with the times. Maybe the cleaning out of our cupboards should also signify a kind of spiritual cleansing, like aerating our souls. I think I’m a hoarder, always holding on “just in case” we need it for something or other so this will definitely be another clean out for me.

At the end of the day though, my heart is settled about this move. We’re going to be in a better place and the cliché is true, home is where the heart is. My heart is walking outside of my body in the form of Sunny Bunny and held in the hands of my lover and friend. As long as I get to be with them, then nothing else should matter. If you barely hear from me, i’ll be packing boxes and starting varsity next week so wish me luck.


One Response to “Moving Along”

  1. Cassandra Ally July 12, 2013 at 11:16 am #

    Hi baby, that feeling of sadness too shall pass and it will get lighter. Just as a reminder as we still drive past our 1st home in Eshowe, there are so many wonderful memories we created there as a family…..but for me it will always be my first real home! love you lots!


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