Real Beauty

12 Nov

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3So now that I’m on holiday, I’ve got a lot more time to surf the net, read the books stacked on my kindle and dawdle for no good reason. While checking out my Twitter timeline, as I often do, I came across this heart-warming, feel-good post on and it got me thinking about how I view my body. This is no new issue to my blog, I’ve spoken about how real women have curves and the like. Reading through some of the comments of the article, hit home for me again, especially because I always try to find things to be grateful for – I have a body that is healthy and FUNCTIONING the way it should. It may not be catwalk material but I’ve learned to dress my figure so not as to look like a over-stuffed sausage (I hope)!

Here’s some of my favourite comments from “It’s my body, I can love what I want to“:

Anisha: My soft and fleshy tummy! I have made peace that I wasn’t born to have a six-pack. What I do know is that I have given birth to 2 beautiful children & my man loves to caress my tummy! Besides, you need a “real” tummy like mine to do belly dancing!

Linda: I am weighing more than a few years ago because I quit smoking and picked up some weight. I love the fuller me, my butt and my hips. I look very healthy than before. 

Faziel: My long, glossy, black hair and infectious smile. As long as I have them, I can take on the world!

Laurinda: I love my flat tummy but the best part of my body is my round chunky bum! Much loved by my husband and my girlfriends are all super jealous. Very proud to say that it’s the best part of my body.

Shireen: My blemish free face and skin. 

Nasika: I love my muffin top because it reminds me that I love to eat food made by my husband. I love my stretch marks as I’m reminded about my daughter. I love my laughter lines as I see how many happy times I have had.

Janine: That it works. I’m not a terribly sporty person, but I love that I can walk on the beach, and run after my kids. What I like most about my body is that it is healthy.

llyson: I am an amputee, finally, I like my leg.  Wish I had liked them both before I lost one!

Pam: My hair. I am lucky to have thick hair and try to look after it and go to the hairdressers quite regularly for a good cut and colour. I am 63. 

THIS one is my favourite – Alzena: Looks-wise not that much, but having gone through 2 healthy pregnancies and a recent pubic biopsy, I like that my body has not failed me. Even with the not-so perfect size and cellulite, it is healthy, able and willing. It is my mind that needs a pep-talk

While it was part of a Dove Campaign, I still think it gives plenty of food for thought. Now that I’ve spent time thinking about how I feel about my body, I must admit a thing or two: I like my hazel/green eyes, I love that they change colour but more than that, I love how much more green they get when I get emotional; and I actually do like my hourglass figure (front view only, the side view not so much); my husband commented on how nice my legs looked over the weekend when I wore a short dress and I don’t mind my tummy all thaaaaaaat much (not that it needs to stick around). At the end of the day – IT WORKS and its HEALTHY!!!

When I was much younger and had a banging body (if I do say so myself), it was all about how I looked and my self-confidence was in that, not to mention how shallow I was back then, or maybe it was just immaturity. I’ve come to like the “grown-up” me, the fuller-figured me, the intelligent me and being in my skin is not so bad after all – whether my hubby likes the lumps, bumps & curves or not!

So is it really a bad thing to say that my body looks the way it does because it gave life to my son??? No! Is it an excuse not to lose weight? That’s entirely up to you to decide, I happen to think it’s not! Round is a shape! And that’s not a question, FYI (for your information). Would I like to lose weight? Of course but I’m not about to obsess about it.

What part of your body do you like?


One Response to “Real Beauty”

  1. Sam November 12, 2013 at 4:39 pm #

    I love my eyes 🙂 I also really like my waist! Having had my pregnancy with Kade really helped me appreciate my body in ways I couldn’t before because of my infertility.



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