Pro-life or Pro-chioce?

19 Mar

It’s not a raging debate here in South Africa like it is in the United States of America but it certainly is one worth considering. What started this quest for information was when someone close to me recently told me that they needed to have an abortion. She is a young, single mother and she has very little support financially. My first response was that it was her decision if that’s what she wanted to do.

Can someone who professes to be a Christian be pro-choice? I read an article by a woman who was pro-life after three abortions! Quite contrary one would say, even hypocritical. In the article, you come to understand that it’s through the devastation of abortion, that being pro-life is her choice. It is that bad, that heartbreaking and that traumatic.

 I started to investigate what the terms pro-life and pro-choice actually meant. Pro-choice is not pro-abortion but it does give the woman the right to ultimately choose. The stigma attached to abortion is that “you were stupid to fall pregnant in a day with freely available contraception”, “you knew what you were doing by having sex” or “you’re just looking for the easy way out!” Then the “sense” of justice and judgment follows with “you made your bed so you should lie in it.” It’s so sad how people so easily forget that it takes two to tango. There was the Gosnell case recently in the USA that horrified and turned many pro-choicers into pro-lifers. The man standing trial showed how brutal the process of abortion can be and it is hectic.

What people fail to understand is that a life is irrevocably changed once a woman falls pregnant and that whatever choice is made about that pregnancy, that woman’s life will never be the same EVER. There is hardship ahead whether my friend keeps the baby or terminates the pregnancy. I can’t tell her to keep it and know that I will not be able to support her, how dare I? Being a mother makes me so much more compassionate because I understand how hard it is for two adults to take care of one little baby let alone a single mother. Woman should be given the right to choose with freedom from judgment or criticism. There are so many orphaned kids in our country as it is, why add to the stats.

It makes me think that educating our kids about sex is more than telling them to abstain or to condom-ise. We need to find people whose life stories illustrate the complexity and the responsibility that come with the choices we make. It wouldn’t take us long, considering the word we live in, to figure out that we know someone living with HIV, or who has had an abortion or even living with an STI. If we could get those family members or friends to share lovingly with our kids, maybe they would make different choices. Maybe somewhere in the back of their minds, they would think twice before being reckless with their sexuality or maybe, just maybe, they would have someone to turn to who would understand should they find themselves in any predicament.

Just my thoughts…


2 Responses to “Pro-life or Pro-chioce?”

  1. Cindy March 20, 2014 at 11:17 am #

    I think abortion is murder. That baby is a person. One that you wouldn’t kill if you could see it outside of the mothers body, so why does it make it right to kill it just because you can’t see it?


    • Corinne March 20, 2014 at 11:20 am #

      I’m not saying that it’s right or wrong but I do believe in freedom of choice also realizing that we don’t have freedom of consequence. Living with ones choices is not always easy


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