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I am all He says I am…

11 Apr

This birthday was different to the FEW that I have celebrated before. Don’t get me wrong, it was beautiful and insightful in its own special way. In my parents house, and even now that I’m an adult, birthdays are big deals! I still get asked what’s in my birthday wish list (which I think about for months beforehand) but the list gets shorter with each passing year and for the last three years, it hasn’t changed. See babe, I’m not high to maintain. Having said all of that, I do however have the blessing and privilege of sharing my birthday with my mother, well it’s more the case that she gets to share hers with me, either way, I wouldn’t trade it for a thing.
My day was filled with the usual phone calls from family and friends, Facebook posts that made me feel so special because someone took the time to say 2 little words. That means a lot in the busy world that we live in! Sam had swimming lessons that afternoon and hubby had a PTA meeting that evening so there wasn’t a candlelit dinner or any fireworks but some lights did come on…. Let me explain.
For a while now, I have said that I do not believe in coincidence. I do believe that with hard work and prayer, if my hearts desires are realized that is amazing, but equally, if they don’t then God is still good and His plans for my life will lead me into the paths that I need to take. There’s a lot that I am praying and trusting God for but I don’t always live from that place of rest in Him and His goodness. I don’t make New Years resolutions but I have come to challenge myself to live what I profess, and if my profession is that I trust Him then that should show up in how I act and in what I say.
My hubby asked me at the end of my day (when he finally came home) how it felt to be my age? First of all, a lady never reveals how young she is. And secondly, I’m not sure if it’s all these twenties that I hang around with at varsity but I certainly do not feel my age… Except when I go out all night long (like I did recently) and it took me about two days to recover, hahaha. Apart from that, I have come into my own in terms of feeling comfortable with myself, my warts, my hopes and dreams, my downfalls and failures. I am my own package deal and I dig me. I’ve found my own two feet, expressing my spirituality and that has made the biggest difference to me thus far. I love the journey that I’m on with God, His insights, His leanings, His mysteries but more than anything is His unconditional and unending love. He cares about the details of my life!!! That’s the kinds of things that were on my mind on the day of my birthday.
In 1 Kings 19, the bible tells the story of Elijah. He was running away from people who wanted to murder him and in his time of need, God was not in the wind, earth quake or fire. God was in a still small voice. So while we are looking for an external display, or a sign, or even for someone else to affirm us, I’ve come to understand that I am His dearly beloved one and so is every creature in the known universe. We are all precious to Him, and if we allow Him to, He’ll take such pleasure in telling us and showing us for the rest of our days.
About not believing in coincidences, I’ve come across a Buddhist proverb that says: “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” and I have found that certain books, readings, scriptures, teachings, music and much more has come into my path and fallen into my lap because I’m more open than I used to be. I had a particular song on repeat in my car throughout my day and here are the beautiful lyrics that I want to share with you. I hope you allow them to penetrate the depths of your soul and come to KNOW the One who is nothing but goodness, mercy and love.

All He Says I Am” Lyrics by Gateway Worship | from the album Forever Yours

He whispers in my ear
Tells me that I’m fearless

He shares a melody
Tells me to repeat it
And it makes me whole
It reminds my soul

I am all He says I am
I am all He says I am
I am all He says I am
And He says I am His own

I was blinded by scales upon my eyes
Then He came like a light
And burned up all the lies
He set me free
He reminded me

I am all He says I am
I am all He says I am
I am all He says I am
An He says I am His own

Chains are broken
Scales are on the floor
Truth is spoken
I’m no orphan anymore

I am loved
I am new again
I am free
I’m no slave to sin
I’m saint
I am righteousness
I’m alive


My simple wish for you today

14 Nov


Real Beauty

12 Nov

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3So now that I’m on holiday, I’ve got a lot more time to surf the net, read the books stacked on my kindle and dawdle for no good reason. While checking out my Twitter timeline, as I often do, I came across this heart-warming, feel-good post on and it got me thinking about how I view my body. This is no new issue to my blog, I’ve spoken about how real women have curves and the like. Reading through some of the comments of the article, hit home for me again, especially because I always try to find things to be grateful for – I have a body that is healthy and FUNCTIONING the way it should. It may not be catwalk material but I’ve learned to dress my figure so not as to look like a over-stuffed sausage (I hope)!

Here’s some of my favourite comments from “It’s my body, I can love what I want to“:

Anisha: My soft and fleshy tummy! I have made peace that I wasn’t born to have a six-pack. What I do know is that I have given birth to 2 beautiful children & my man loves to caress my tummy! Besides, you need a “real” tummy like mine to do belly dancing!

Linda: I am weighing more than a few years ago because I quit smoking and picked up some weight. I love the fuller me, my butt and my hips. I look very healthy than before. 

Faziel: My long, glossy, black hair and infectious smile. As long as I have them, I can take on the world!

Laurinda: I love my flat tummy but the best part of my body is my round chunky bum! Much loved by my husband and my girlfriends are all super jealous. Very proud to say that it’s the best part of my body.

Shireen: My blemish free face and skin. 

Nasika: I love my muffin top because it reminds me that I love to eat food made by my husband. I love my stretch marks as I’m reminded about my daughter. I love my laughter lines as I see how many happy times I have had.

Janine: That it works. I’m not a terribly sporty person, but I love that I can walk on the beach, and run after my kids. What I like most about my body is that it is healthy.

llyson: I am an amputee, finally, I like my leg.  Wish I had liked them both before I lost one!

Pam: My hair. I am lucky to have thick hair and try to look after it and go to the hairdressers quite regularly for a good cut and colour. I am 63. 

THIS one is my favourite – Alzena: Looks-wise not that much, but having gone through 2 healthy pregnancies and a recent pubic biopsy, I like that my body has not failed me. Even with the not-so perfect size and cellulite, it is healthy, able and willing. It is my mind that needs a pep-talk

While it was part of a Dove Campaign, I still think it gives plenty of food for thought. Now that I’ve spent time thinking about how I feel about my body, I must admit a thing or two: I like my hazel/green eyes, I love that they change colour but more than that, I love how much more green they get when I get emotional; and I actually do like my hourglass figure (front view only, the side view not so much); my husband commented on how nice my legs looked over the weekend when I wore a short dress and I don’t mind my tummy all thaaaaaaat much (not that it needs to stick around). At the end of the day – IT WORKS and its HEALTHY!!!

When I was much younger and had a banging body (if I do say so myself), it was all about how I looked and my self-confidence was in that, not to mention how shallow I was back then, or maybe it was just immaturity. I’ve come to like the “grown-up” me, the fuller-figured me, the intelligent me and being in my skin is not so bad after all – whether my hubby likes the lumps, bumps & curves or not!

So is it really a bad thing to say that my body looks the way it does because it gave life to my son??? No! Is it an excuse not to lose weight? That’s entirely up to you to decide, I happen to think it’s not! Round is a shape! And that’s not a question, FYI (for your information). Would I like to lose weight? Of course but I’m not about to obsess about it.

What part of your body do you like?


Too good not to share

1 Aug

she is

Things I Love

22 Oct

It’s already that time of the year again! No, I’m not talking about the Christmas advertising that starts as early as October but 2012 Blogger’s Secret Santa is almost upon us.

Charlotte, over at The Stiletto Mum is this year’s host. Basically, a bunch of us get together (not literally) from across our beautiful country and we exchange gifts. It’s a lovely gesture, to be able to give a gift to someone you’ve never met, show me a person that doesn’t like to get gifts and I’ll show you a liar!!!!

So the point of this post is to describe things that I like….

 Simply put: I love The Body Shop‘s body butters because I use it on my my dry scaly skin and my feet. They (my feet) aren’t in the best shape (or texture) after winter and now that I’ve started running, they need a little more TLC than usual. I’m not a fussy person, pampering stuff never goes to waste in my house.

I most certainly look forward to finding out who I’ll be buying a gift for… and so the anticipation builds…

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