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My next tattoo…..

25 Jul

Yes I have a tattoo! It’s a cute little butterfly and ever since then, I have wanted another. Since having Samuel though, I got thinking… where would I have another tattoo done on a part of my anatomy that is the least likely to expand when I have my next child.

I wanted a symbol that was special to me, one that was obviously universal but also one that wouldn’t deform in years to come. I wanted something deep and profound enough to mark this part of the journey I’m on. So began my internet search for that one special symbol and to my surprise, as it would happen on the net, a few more interesting things came up.

Here are two Celtic symbols of Motherhood. The Mother symbol with three swirls or points represent mother, maiden and crone.  These three stages in a mothers’ life are sacred, and mark important points in a woman’s life. Triple Spiral: is a Celtic symbol for a mother and her many aspects, the triple spiral represents the various phases of womanhood, the passing of time and the unity of these diverse dimensions. This symbol also represents the three phases of woman-ness: Mother in her compassion and nurturing state; Maiden in her innocence and pure state and Crone in her wise and experienced state.

The trinity of the three swirls represent a stable foundation or a necessary  need  of the elements of motherhood;  Father, Mother and Child. The motherhood symbol is known as a triskele. The Celtic motherhood knot or better known as the Celtic mother’s knot is the  unassuming stylized holy trinity knot depicting a parent and child embrace. Combined with the Celtic  trinity knot, it is a true testament to the enduring bond between a mother, her child, faith and their heritage. The Celtic motherhood symbol looks like 2 hearts made of knot work. One heart is lower than the first heart and both hearts are intertwined in a continuous knot.

I loved these symbols, both inspiring and perfect but where to put them…. on my back between my shoulder blades seems like a pretty good place,  other than wrinkles, not much else would affect it and if my skin went south from there, at least it would be covered, I think it looks kinda sexy there, only thing is, it’s a pretty painful area to have marked, yikes!

So on the went the search….

The mermaid holding her baby looked pretty awesome, I am a bit concerned that in time to come (with wrinkling that is) that the beautiful detail would get lost. And after natural child-birth, I am seriously not about to go for anything that remotely reminded me of a crowning baby or a flowering cervix in the same picture, hell-to-the-no!!! The breast-feeding one appealed to me but not enough to make a go for it.

These henna tattoos are absolutely stunning, in fact I would have got that done while highly pregnant and the taken a few pics, its so artistic.

Thinking about the different options hasn’t made me decide WHEN to get it done but I do love the idea of “marking” this leg of my journey with a significant emblem, one that’s as deep as this chapter and one that will be as lasting – I will forever be a mother and damn proud of it.

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