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Thought for the day

22 Oct



I needed to remind myself of this today

1 Oct

I’ve been pretty quiet lately because varsity is getting so hectic with end-of-term tests leading up to final exams which start in three weeks time!!!! My stress levels have soared. I’ve got really, really good marks for some subjects and failing tests for others so I’ve been really worried about how I’ll make it to write my 2nd year final exams. You will understand from my earlier posts that I take my studies seriously, I have some wild aspirations and I just honestly do not have the luxury of time to fail. Time is ticking! I need to pass, graduate and join the workforce and I have put myself under a lot of pressure. Not to mention that I suffered my first migraine ever!!! My dad suffers from that and you cannot begin to understand the excruciating torture it is until you’ve had one – especially when all you have is Pandos to take for it – not funny at all!!!

All in all, Lester and I decided to do the Nike 10K 2013 this month and with the way I’ve felt (miff and all), I just wanted to go for a run. But more importantly, I had to get back to remembering the basics: I have a privileged life, I am blessed beyond measure and that in the end, it is all going to work out awesomely for my GOOD! It’s about remembering to be grateful for the little things and that I still have a fighting chance – the fat lady has not sung YET! It’s not the end of me! I’m a hard-worker and life really does go on!!!

So here’s a little something I found and I hope it encourages you…


Gratitude is the open door to abundance

4 May

It still amazes me how the mind is a powerful servant, yet a cruel master. If you learn to change your thoughts, you literally can change your world.

My latest post on feeling guilty about all the stuff that’s been swirling around in my head and heart, seriously got me down when in fact, there is still so much to be grateful for.

Other than what some people would refer to as the obvious, like the lovely weather in our beautiful country or the great opportunities woman in general and specifically of colour have been afforded, that I wake up every morning and have a roof over my head; family support that’s invaluable; a husband I am genuinely happy to be married to; girlfriends who are amazing; a new chapter in my life are all things to be grateful for.

But more than the things we can count, it’s the attitude and the state of our hearts that really makes the difference for me. We need to pay attention to and recognize those feelings associated with our appreciation because that for me is what opens the door to abundance. Not of things necessarily , but of a sense of peace, harmony, tranquility and ultimately resting in the unending goodness of God!

I found this excerpt from a booking I am trying desperately to read, it’s a prayer:

Abundance Prayer by Saint Francis of Assisi

When I am afraid, I ask myself: How can I give more to life?

When I am tangled in past regrets or frightening stories of the future, I bring myself into the present moment and know that I am safe.

 When I am tempted to complain, I choose praise and gratitude. I take a deep breath and look around and see how rich I am in the things that count. I look within and see my unlimited potential and I realize that every moment is filled with blessings and every day I am alive is a gift to be grateful for.

 I remember that God is my source and abundance is reflected in the faces of people that I love and in the faces of those I have yet to learn to love.

Eternally, this abundance says:

Every family is my family

Every success is my success

Every bride is my beauty

Every bridegroom is my Beloved

Every child is my new beginning and every elder is my life ripe with experience.

Every dawn is my new day

Every sunset is my world turning

Every season is good and offers bounty to me.

Every moment is mine to embrace for it is the Eternal now forever expressing in, through, and for me.

I live in forever here that is alive in all.

Translucent Grace shines in us, awake and aware of the beauty we are as we become all we were meant to be.

And so it is: For in giving we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned and it I in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.

Have a lovely weekend and remember that there will always be more to be grateful, ALWAYS!

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