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I’m starting to enjoy my runs

19 Nov

I think that I have a “slightly” addictive personality if that’s even possible and I say this because I never thought I would enjoy running to the point where I think about it almost everyday!!!

I’ve hurt myself a bit and so I’m meant to be taking it easy by doing cross-training, that’s to keep up my fitness by doing other forms of cardio and weight-training. Still, I find myself drawn to the treadmill for a “walk” but inevitably, I end up running.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no pro, AT ALL!!!! But what I think the big motivating factor is the small amount of weight loss and that is no small feat, trust me. Today, I tried on a pair of jeans in a store I’ve been dying to get into and what do you know,they fit!!!! They are one size smaller than what I’ve been wearing so I was over the moon but the hard work will not end with this post.

Having the time to go to the gym has made a big difference in the “Excuse Department”. My schedule has been so hectic while being a full time student that my heart actually sinks when I thing about next year and whether or not I’ll be able to make time to run. Races to train for, has also made a huge difference as  goals and it has given me much to work towards so at least that’s been keeping me on track. I do feel my throat tighten up a little at the thought of the upcoming festive season and all the unnecessary eating that goes on. To TRY and counter-act that I will pack my trainers and beloved sports bra and I will hit the road, even if I am just pushing Sam in his pram along the beach.

Another big help will be the Hubster, who also enjoys running so we can beat the bulge together. Um, let me rephrase that. It’s so that he can see me beat the bulge. God I wish I was as thin as him – damn it!


Things I Love

22 Oct

It’s already that time of the year again! No, I’m not talking about the Christmas advertising that starts as early as October but 2012 Blogger’s Secret Santa is almost upon us.

Charlotte, over at The Stiletto Mum is this year’s host. Basically, a bunch of us get together (not literally) from across our beautiful country and we exchange gifts. It’s a lovely gesture, to be able to give a gift to someone you’ve never met, show me a person that doesn’t like to get gifts and I’ll show you a liar!!!!

So the point of this post is to describe things that I like….

 Simply put: I love The Body Shop‘s body butters because I use it on my my dry scaly skin and my feet. They (my feet) aren’t in the best shape (or texture) after winter and now that I’ve started running, they need a little more TLC than usual. I’m not a fussy person, pampering stuff never goes to waste in my house.

I most certainly look forward to finding out who I’ll be buying a gift for… and so the anticipation builds…

Off to Mozambique

26 Jun

Three more days and counting until I get to spend a few days with hubby and close friends and NO kids!!! You’d swear that we had won the lottery or about to celebrate Christmas because we don’t have worry about the incessant hum-drum routine of playing-feeding-sleeping-playing-bathtime-bedtime routine that consumes us as parents. So yes, there will be none of that!

I have not packed as YET but I have made my list and daily meditate on it to make sure that nothing important like food, snacks or drinks has been forgotten – HEAVEN FORBID! Oh ya and a few items of clothing since we will have weather a kin to a Durban autumn even though we are in the middle of winter in the southern  hemisphere.

Sunny bunny with be with his grandparents (and my helper will be at my mom’s place to look after Sunny so that my poor mother doesn’t lose her mind) and their itinerary has already been set, I’ll have you know.

I can’t wait! The padkos is either in the freezer (meatballs, chicken wings, mini sausages) or waiting to be bought but in a few more sleeps, I’ll be on a sandy beach sipping a cocktail of sorts…

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