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McCain’s Favourite Winter Warming Recipes – McCain Vegetable Pot Pie

24 Jun

Yield: approximately 4 servings

Cooking time: 30-45 minutes



2 Tbsp.    Olive Oil

100 g   McCain Chef’s Solution Diced Onion

1    Garlic, clove, minced

½ cup    Celery, chopped

½ cup   Leek, medium, chopped

½ cup   Fennel, chopped

500 g   Mushrooms, thinly sliced

2 Tbsp   Flour

1 Lt    Vegetable Stock

500 g   McCain Stew Mix

Small handful  Parsley, chopped

To Taste  Salt

To Taste   Pepper



1 Rolls   Puff Pastry

25-50 ml  Egg wash (equal amount egg and milk)



  1. Heat oil in large pot over medium heat. Add McCain Chef’s Solution Diced Onion, garlic, celery, leek, fennel and sauté until soft
  2. Add the mushrooms and cook until soft and then add the flour and cook for 1-2 minutes
  3. Add the vegetable stock, cover, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer 10 minutes
  4. Remove from heat and stir in the McCain Stew Mix, parsley and season with salt and pepper and allow to cool
  5. Preheat oven to 180C.  Roll out puff pastry and cut disks big enough to line a pie dish
  6. Divide the pie filling between the pie dish/s and top with the pastry lid
  7. Brush with egg wash and cut a small hole in the top
  8. Bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes or until the pastry is cooked and golden brown


All that’s left to do is ENJOY!


My McCain Experience

12 Apr
The Other McCain Chef

The Other McCain Chef

So a McCain chef came to visit my family and I to show me how to prepare frozen veggies for my family on Monday night and then left me to prepare a meal a few days later using McCain’s products. The menu was simple, cottage pie, creamed spinach and a side serving of salad.

It turned out to be such a lovely meal that my husband had a second serving just as big as his first portion which took even me by surprise! Now that  Autumn is here and the evenings are much colder, a hearty home cooked meal like this one was perfect.

Just as a side note to Monday night with Chef Charl, it was refreshing to get a fresh perspective on cooking a classic meal like Cottage Pie. My culinary journey has mostly involved learning from my mother and family members who’ve had recipes passed down. I’m really not one to follow recipes but from now on, I won’t be so figure-it-out-as-we-go-along because this recipe brought through a really hearty mix of  flavors that was not too overwhelming to the palate. Please visit their Recipe page here, you will not be sorry!

Apart from the pics, here’s the recipe so that you can make this simple, nutritious and wholesome meal for your family as well.

Great McCain Products

Great McCain Products

Here’s the recipe that feeds 4 and only takes 45 minutes to cook:

Ingredients for the mince:

100 g McCain Chef’s Solution Diced Onions
1 Garlic clove, minced
60g McCain Diced Carrots
60g Celery stalk, chopped
15g Butter
15g Flour
15ml Tomatoe paste
500g Beef mince
100ml Red wine
400ml Beef Stock
5ml Thyme dried
1 Bay leaves
50g McCain Mixed Vegetables
50g McCain Counrty Cro
Olive oil
TT Salt
TT Pepper

Ingredients for the Mash potato topping:

2 Medium potatoes
1litre Milk
100g Butter
5ml Thyme dried
1 Glarilc clove, minced
TT Salt
TT Pepper
1 Egg

1. Saute the McCain Diced Onion, garlic, carrot and celery until golden brown

2. Add the mince and allow to cook through

3. Add the butter, flour and tomato paste and cook off

4. De-glaze the pan with red wine and reduce until almost dry

5. Add the beef stock, thyme and bay leaves and simmer until the meat is of a rich, sauce-like consistency

6. Stir through McCain Mixed Vegetables and McCain Country Crop

7. Season with salt and pepper


Method for Mashed Potato Topping:Slide2

1. Peel and cube the potatoes

2. Bring the milk, garlic, thyme and potatoes to the boil

3. Continue cooking until the potatoes are cooked all the way through

4. Drain the potatoes from the milk and set aside for a few minutes to cool down

5. Using a potato masher, mash the potatoes until smooth, adding the milk back as necessary

6. Stir through the butter and season to taste


For the Assembly:

1. Spoon the mince into the base of an oven-proof dish

2. Top with the mash potato, either spread or piped and egg wash

3. Bake at 180 degrees Celcius until golden

A serving suggestion: Serve with a garden salad or steamed veggies

Then sit back, relax and not only enjoy your dinner but the time spent with your family. Its a really great feeling being able to feed your family and healthy and delicious meal.

Think Again, Think McCain


Thanks McCain for farm-fresh goodness

9 Apr

For those of you who know me, I’m a do-it-the-easiest-way-you-can kind of cook. Short and sweet is what I love or one-pot-wonders work best for me. Needless to say, I love to eat and that’s why look the way I do. I just remembered that someone once told me that I’d have an eating disorder! Wah hah! It’s obviously the kind that tips the scales in the wrong direction.

 I most certainly love food and make no apologies for it! All foods in fact. As a child, we ate a lot of stews so true to form, my brother is a veggie-phobe and I’m the complete opposite. Give me veggies raw or cooked any day! I do prefer them fresh but with the way my life is so hectic, there’s very little time to constantly run to the shops and it becomes expensive in the end so I opt for frozen veg, those for casseroles and curries as well as those for roasting.

Dinner Package

Like me, I’m sure you’re saying that having fresh vegetables is by far the best and I wouldn’t disagree but we shouldn’t negate the nutritious value that frozen veggies can bring. The benefits of using frozen vegetables are actually more than one realizes. Not only do they save you time and money, like I’ve just explained; they are versatile; require little preparation; there’s no wastage (unless you dish out too much for your fussy little eater like mine, in which case I re-feed it to him); and you’re able to get your veggies all year round. See, easy-peasy!

Anyway, back to my story. McCain was kind enough so send over Chef Charl last night to prepare a meal for my family and I. Even Sunny Bunny got to eat some potato smiles which he polished, picky eaters are a lot of work but who can say no to smile? My dinner consisted of lamb cutlets with roast potatoes as well as delicious roast vegetables and Tzaziki on the side – it was beyond amazing. You will never  understand how utterly stuffed I was and the accompanying glass of red wine finished it off so well. But the truth is that by following the package instructions, we can all eat a great, healthy and wholesome meal without doing it the long drawn out way.

So thanks again to the very nice people over at McCain for making life somewhat simpler for us busy people who still want to keep healthy…. Check out the cold facts and see for yourself that you’re not losing out in any way. Think again, think McCain


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