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Ready, Steady…. Walk….

24 Nov Little Spades

My little boy has made the sweet and long-awaited transition into toddler-hood by taking his first steps over the weekend while he and I were having an over-extended lunch at my good friend Robyn’s place. This little munchkin has been standing on his own and cruising along the furniture for a while now. We even went as far as buying him  a walker for his birthday to help the process along.

There was no pressure to get him to walk before he turned a year because my friends kids did the deed after their first birthdays. It was adorable watching him want to take the risk but when the moment actually came, I was floored, excuse the pun. My girlfriends and I had planned a champagne breakfast (which turned into us almost spending the night) and our partners decided that they also needed to get some down-time which meant that we were left baby-sitting, I was not chuffed. Robyn has two adorable  kids, Liam and Hannah who were happy to share their toys with Sam as long as he didn’t get too close. Samuel was gob-smacked by these two, he found them absolutely intriguing and utterly hilarious when they ran circles around him (while he crawled) in an effort to get away from him. Nevertheless I can only imagine that the reason he decided on that day of all days to take his first independent steps was because he wanted in on the action the other two toddlers were having – no one wants to get left behind. And just like that, while I wasn’t even paying attention, he stood up near the tv and started to walk towards me. Well, that was it, I could not believe it and then in tears I grabbed him off the floor because I was filled with such joy and pride! Definitely a proud-mommy-moment for the blog books.

He’s made some progress in a small space of time, which could be due to the fact that he now wants to walk everywhere! Mostly, its between the couches his dad and I sit on, all evening long but I swear, it’s the cutest thing ever. To watch him go from being unsteady and wobbly to now trying to run. Last night, he went head first into one of the ottomans but thank the good Lord we all laughed and he got up and kept going. It’s amazing that those little feet have come so far…..


Hello Mr Sandman

1 Nov

I have spent many a sleep-LESS night thinking about and praying when the day would finally arrive that I would get more than three hours sleep at a time…. Samuel has never been a good sleeper from the day he was born. Let me just say that we never had to wake this sleeping baby for ANYTHING, EVER! Every three hours like clock-work, he would wake to feed and then there was  a time when it went down to two hours and then to every hour (and I nearly lost my marbles, actually, I think I did lose more than a few)! There were times when I wanted to be child-LESS and husband-LESS but I most certainly don’t feel that way anymore. My phone is filled with images of Sam fast asleep all because I wanted to hold onto that moment for a few more hours.

I must admit that I count myself very fortunate to be in such good company when it comes to the utterly ludicrous sleeping habits of my friends children. For those whose kids slept through from four weeks, out of a mixture of pure jealousy and rage, there might have been a time where I wanted to reconsider but I soon got over it.

Little Liam, is my friend Robyn’s son and he’s like the goal! Let me explain: it seems that while in heaven before they were born, Liam and Samuel came from the same corner of the Universe, cut from the same cloth! They have very similar temperaments and seem to react the same way, in this case, they gave their mothers endless stress by not sleeping through like all other good little boys, no matter what we did!!!! Full tummies; warm baths; lovely lullabies and good routines, you name it and we did it, still to no avail.

Then there’s Merese, mother to Cooper and Noah who were also notoriously bad sleepers until the age of three, Noah’s still getting there. When I heard that two to three years down the line, these boys finally started to come around to the fact that  night-time is actually for sleeping, I took heart that if I lost my mind (literally) from sheer and utter exhaustion, then I wouldn’t  be the only one walking around the make-up department looking for heavy-duty concealer to hide my racoon eyes!

There was even a stage where my out-of-town friend, Celeste and I would BBM each other every time we were up doing a feed or rocking our babies to sleep and it seriously felt like we lived in parallel universes because our boys would wake similar times if not as many times each night for at least weeks on end. It was insane!

I am now happy to announce that we’ve had our first few nights of 6 to 8 hours of sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I don’t care if I jinx it because hallelujah, this finally means that we’re on the home stretch and boy oh boy does it feel great to get a good nights rest. It makes me feel somewhat human, sad to say. Before you ask, yes I have given him something EVERY night for the last three weeks but its homeopathic which means you can’t overdose your kids, my kind of medication because I can give as I feel necessary, even if it means on an hourly basis – we haven’t got that far, yet. It’s Rescue Rest by Sister Lilian and its meant to calm him, that’s all. My Little Lamb still gets up now and again but there’s no bottle or boob to entertain him so he goes right back to bed and it’s all good for the family.

The down side is that I have had to get up to a smiling baby boy at FIVE AM, err that’s before dawn has even cracked, and we’re in summer, hello… and the worst part is that this little angel wants to play, read books, crawl around the bed and cover me with sloppy drool kisses! Cute yes but not so early. His father must have some secret super-human power that deters Samuel and I so wish I had it too.

The people to blame for the mayhem are not our babies but its the midwives and authors who’ve had kids that slept through the night from six weeks who (a) should be shot and (b) should not place such unnecessary demands on mothers to get their kids to do things they’re not ready for, I firmly believe that kids will do what they want to when they’re good and ready, just like every other milestone we stress about!

There are no rose-tinted shades here because there are still teeth to be cut, fevers to be had and the lot but so far, well done Samuel, keep up the good behavior and hello Mr Sandman, won’t you bring me a dream.

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