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A Life In Full Color

20 Aug

I recently attended a wedding and was blown away by the guests. Blown away is a bit far out, it was more like intrigued, bewildered and definitely taken aback for this day and age or for my little world.

The weather was wonderful for a Joburg winter’s day, seemingly warm but windy. As any bride would be on her special day, she was beautiful and breath-taking to say the least and the groom was clearly smitten. The ceremony was intimate and short-lived. The guests mingled and had drinks while the wedding party took gorgeous photos. The reception was filled with tearful speeches, shared words of love, a moment of silence for family members who had passed and dancing to celebrate the new union.

Sounds like a perfect wedding right? It does if someone had just read this to me but being there as the ONLY couple of colour was somewhat surprisingly stifling to be honest. Let me explain. I grew up as a coloured child that attended a “white” primary school and participated in extra-murals like music and dancing with fellow classmates, none of which were my coloured friends  were involved in. My parents tell me that as a young child, I would make friends with anyone who wanted to play with me regardless of race. So understand that being the only person of colour in an only “white” setting was not new to me but what I did find odd was that if my husband was not there to officiate the ceremony, we wouldn’t have been there. It got me wondering, if in all the wedded couple’s interactions in their daily lives, did they not have any people of colour (other than us) to share in their celebration? Not a colleague? Or perhaps a varsity friend? Or did none of the guests have cross-cultural relationships?

Am I being judgemental? I don’t know but I’m not going to assume off the bat that any of the people who attended are racist in any way. They seemed like genuinely warm and friendly people and who they choose to have at their wedding is entirely their discretion.  There were no weird vibes towards us but having a mixture of races and cultures in my little world just mad me assume that it was like that everywhere else.

The rich tapestry that is our rainbow nation for me is a beautiful thing to behold and I hope that as fellow South Africans we treasure that and never lose sight of how wonderful we all are together. It just made me realise that our indigenous blend of cultures, races, nations and languages makes us is precious…. no offense but that’s just my thoughts on an observation I made.


I can’t begin to tell you how much I love you

7 Aug

Baby boy, you don’t know how much I love you…

I love you from the depths of my soul. I loved you before you were conceived. I am fascinated by you and love watching you grow and develop into a little drama king  which only seems to happen when grandpa’s around – you father says you get that from my side of the family but I beg to differ. You surprise me sometimes with little kisses and I can’t wait for the day when you tell me that you love me – between you and me, I know without a doubt you do!

When I look at you, I can’t begin to imagine how someone would want to intentionally hurt little people like you! How adults would even consider abusing or harming you! It makes me pray that any prying eyes look past you, that you become invisible in their sights because I couldn’t bear the thought of you somewhere foreign and being abused.

My love for you is so fierce that I wouldn’t give a second thought to give my life for you! Your life is that important to me. I always knew that one day I would be someone’s mother and I’m so blessed that I get to be your mom.

As you grow, you will definitely disagree with decisions your dad and I will make regarding your welfare and I accept that but one thing that I cannot stress ever enough, is that you don’t just understand with you head, but that you KNOW in your heart – everything, but everything that I will ever do in my life and yours will be because I love you to death and that I will always want the best for you!!! As a child, you don’t see things the way they always seem but when you’re an adult and more so a parent, you will certainly understand where I’m coming from (very wise words from you granny). There will never be a sacrifice that I have made or will ever make that will be too great for you – you, my dear child, are worth every ounce of blood, sweat and tear I will ever shed. I’m back at varsity at 30 because I want a better life for you and your dad, thoughts of you spur me on when sometimes it gets too overwhelming.

One of your aunts said that as a mother, you can’t begin to imagine your life with children before you have them; and then you can’t imagine your life without them once they are here. You will understand the depths of that statement in time – I never want my life to be without your little charming self in it.

You are such a good child, you give me nothing to complain about. To my one and only son, you are the apple of my eye, the beat of my heart and a big reason for why I live…. I will love you until the day I stop breathing and beyond….

Love you always and forever, mom, xxx





9 Sep

There really are now words to adequately describe how utterly and eternally grateful I am to have my mom in my life and doubly blessed to have her live in the same  city, just over the hill.

Angels are real! My mother proves it!

She is so thoughtful and kind. There’s nothing that I cannot ask of her, the sweetest person I know. I love spending time with her and cherish her all the more now that I have a child of my own. Even the little things like checking to see if there’s anything I need in my house or just to ask how I’m doing. Don’t even get me started on how my husband lurvs his mother-in-laws cooking, I bet he’ll take it over mine any day!!! And I’m happy to take her leftovers, would you say no to prawn stir fry? Her culinary skills are to die for.

When I need to leave Sam with someone, she comes to mind first. I can trust her implicitly, knowing that she would care for him as much if not better than I would. I love watching her interact with him – how she takes note of everything he does; what he likes and dislikes; how he’s developing – she says it because she never got the chance to see her own children grow before her eyes. She’s fascinated with him.

You rock mom! I want to tell you all the wonderful things you mean to me now while you’re alive. I know that am one of the luckiest girls alive to have you so close and I love the relationship we share – wouldn’t trade you for the world. Some grandmothers only see their grandkids now and again and others have passed on without ever knowing their grandchildren. You and I share something very special, I’ll carry it in my heart forever.

If I can be half the awesome mother that you have been to me, then Sam will be all the better for it. I wanna be like you when I grow up.

Love you mummy

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