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4 Oct

That’s what you’re going to get used to seeing on my Twitter TL (time line peeps) because this (not so little) couch potato, who loves both couches and (everything related to eating a) potato very dearly, has taken up a new sport!!!

For a long time now, I’ve envisioned myself running! Stop laughing Robyn! Yes R.U.N.N.I.N.G! Sweat and all. It was glorious in my mind. I ran for miles with my headband and my iPod in my armband to keep me company. 

Firstly, I had to find a sports bra (read boulder holder) for really, really, really big boobs. Quite frankly, that was my initial excuse (apart from having curly, colored hair) for not venturing on that route. How on earth was I going to avoid  giving myself a blue eye or knocking myself unconscious, you tell me? Then, a very helpful Tanya Kovarsky over at “Keep Calm and Run” pointed me and the girls in the right direction, so to speak. We found an A-mazing contraption for, drum roll please… extreme sports in a size 38E!!! At a mini-fortune, there were no more excuses since the hair had been beaten by the Brazilian Blow wave (the hair do).

Note, by this time, I hadn’t been within a 10 kilometer radius of a gym nor had I hit the road! In my mind, thoughts of running was just as good as the real thing. This little delusion continued for weeks until one morning, I braved the traffic and headed off to the gym with my Nike sports watch to track my “progress”.

Since then, it’s been almost three whole weeks and my goal is to do the We Run Jozi 10k this Sunday with 20 000 other crazy people but I’m so looking forward to my first race. Look, I’m anticipating doing WAY more walking, in my case it would be called the We Walk Jozi 10k but hey, I’ll have hubby right there (literally next to me, that’s what he says now) giving me support. What more could this fat girl ask for?

I’ll keep you posted (can’t promise when) but I’ll definitely be tweeting my way through it too….


Ready, Steady…. Walk….

24 Nov Little Spades

My little boy has made the sweet and long-awaited transition into toddler-hood by taking his first steps over the weekend while he and I were having an over-extended lunch at my good friend Robyn’s place. This little munchkin has been standing on his own and cruising along the furniture for a while now. We even went as far as buying him  a walker for his birthday to help the process along.

There was no pressure to get him to walk before he turned a year because my friends kids did the deed after their first birthdays. It was adorable watching him want to take the risk but when the moment actually came, I was floored, excuse the pun. My girlfriends and I had planned a champagne breakfast (which turned into us almost spending the night) and our partners decided that they also needed to get some down-time which meant that we were left baby-sitting, I was not chuffed. Robyn has two adorable  kids, Liam and Hannah who were happy to share their toys with Sam as long as he didn’t get too close. Samuel was gob-smacked by these two, he found them absolutely intriguing and utterly hilarious when they ran circles around him (while he crawled) in an effort to get away from him. Nevertheless I can only imagine that the reason he decided on that day of all days to take his first independent steps was because he wanted in on the action the other two toddlers were having – no one wants to get left behind. And just like that, while I wasn’t even paying attention, he stood up near the tv and started to walk towards me. Well, that was it, I could not believe it and then in tears I grabbed him off the floor because I was filled with such joy and pride! Definitely a proud-mommy-moment for the blog books.

He’s made some progress in a small space of time, which could be due to the fact that he now wants to walk everywhere! Mostly, its between the couches his dad and I sit on, all evening long but I swear, it’s the cutest thing ever. To watch him go from being unsteady and wobbly to now trying to run. Last night, he went head first into one of the ottomans but thank the good Lord we all laughed and he got up and kept going. It’s amazing that those little feet have come so far…..

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