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Ready, Steady…. Walk….

24 Nov Little Spades

My little boy has made the sweet and long-awaited transition into toddler-hood by taking his first steps over the weekend while he and I were having an over-extended lunch at my good friend Robyn’s place. This little munchkin has been standing on his own and cruising along the furniture for a while now. We even went as far as buying him  a walker for his birthday to help the process along.

There was no pressure to get him to walk before he turned a year because my friends kids did the deed after their first birthdays. It was adorable watching him want to take the risk but when the moment actually came, I was floored, excuse the pun. My girlfriends and I had planned a champagne breakfast (which turned into us almost spending the night) and our partners decided that they also needed to get some down-time which meant that we were left baby-sitting, I was not chuffed. Robyn has two adorable  kids, Liam and Hannah who were happy to share their toys with Sam as long as he didn’t get too close. Samuel was gob-smacked by these two, he found them absolutely intriguing and utterly hilarious when they ran circles around him (while he crawled) in an effort to get away from him. Nevertheless I can only imagine that the reason he decided on that day of all days to take his first independent steps was because he wanted in on the action the other two toddlers were having – no one wants to get left behind. And just like that, while I wasn’t even paying attention, he stood up near the tv and started to walk towards me. Well, that was it, I could not believe it and then in tears I grabbed him off the floor because I was filled with such joy and pride! Definitely a proud-mommy-moment for the blog books.

He’s made some progress in a small space of time, which could be due to the fact that he now wants to walk everywhere! Mostly, its between the couches his dad and I sit on, all evening long but I swear, it’s the cutest thing ever. To watch him go from being unsteady and wobbly to now trying to run. Last night, he went head first into one of the ottomans but thank the good Lord we all laughed and he got up and kept going. It’s amazing that those little feet have come so far…..


Thank the Lord it’s getting easier

23 Nov

As a mother of a newborn babe, between the mounds of nappies, constant feeds, ridiculously little sleep and never knowing when its gonna end – thank the good Lord that it does get better.

One thing that I really do have a serious gripe with is the advice from well-meaning doctors and midwives that our kids need to be reaching certain “milestones” like sleeping through the night at six weeks, WHATEVER, and eating what ever you put in front of them. It’s what misery is made of! It’s really only been in the last two to three weeks that my baby boy is eating so well and sleeping even better and if someone had told me from day one to just chill, take things in your stride and give yourself ONE WHOLE YEAR before you write your child or yourself off as a parent – that kind of advice is not worth blood, sweat or tears.

Samuel, you make mummy so happy, apart from the fact that I’m somewhat rested and don’t worry half as much about how your eating habits affect your sleep, it’s only now that I enjoy taking care of you. The hard work never ends but moments of reprieve like this one are more than welcome. So while I pat myself on the back for a job well done, I’m bracing myself for days ahead with a toddler that’s started walking.

Just as we’ve conquered one hurdle, another has just come into view… it’s so true though, a mother’s work is never done!

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